Stopped, Roadside.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last week I was on my way to meet a blog friend for lunch, when I noticed an influx of traffic on a highway I often drive. All of Dallas/Fort Worth has been roadwork insanity for the past year or so, so I assumed they were doing some extra work during the work day or something. As the traffic inched along, I took the opportunity to scroll through some news feeds. I would look at my phone and then up at the car in front of me and scoot along. I was content. And that's where I went wrong.

After a few minutes, I glanced up and caught a glimpse of color through the passenger window. THERE WAS LITERALLY A HELICOPTER LESS THAN 100 FEET AWAY FROM ME. This was the first time I realized that the real reason for the traffic was a major accident. A truck looked like it had been crunched in and was on the property alongside the highway. My gaze went from the truck to the care flight copter, and I burst into tears.

The Lord overpowered my heart in this moment. I was so plugged in, so digitally connected that I didn't notice someone who was probably fighting for their life that very second. I don't want to be that person. I don't want to be so self absorbed that I miss things that are happening in the world around me. That's what it comes down to, doesn't it? Yikes.

I love the encouragement and inspiration that I get from my social media feeds, but there's got to be a line somewhere. This is not how I want to live. I want my days to be filled with real life content, even if it is seeing something sad. I would rather that than know what a random acquaintance from high school posted about their morning class, or something.

I was jamming to Katy Perry's "Roar" when this happened. Such a girl power anthem. And catchy. I like it, even if I don't love Katy Perry's lifestyle or beliefs. The song is fun. Although I will say that I think girl power anthems loose a little bit of their "oomph" when you're like, brainstorming meal ideas to feed the belly of your loving husband. I digress. I hit the radio off immediately and tearfully prayed for the people involved in the accident. I'm thankful for a God that pursues my lazy heart daily.

I also cried at this blog post today. I feel like little stories and emotion filled images have brought tears to my eyes so easily lately. I think it's because it's been a hard, different few weeks. I don't really have words to communicate how I've been feeling, and there haven't really been any breaking point moments that evoke tears. I'm just being hit with the reality that this fall is going to look different than any other fall I've ever experienced. My hubby, who I'm so proud of, is working long hours. I miss him. We haven't had as much time together lately as I would like. It's challenging us to get more intentional about things. Nothing going on is BAD, this time is just different. I don't handle change well, and I think the way I'm expressing that is crying over all things. Whether it be the reality of my sinful nature (social media in the car) or seeing pictures of people holding orphans on the internet.

Just some random thoughts for y'all today! I'm thankful for your feedback to me in times when my heart is overflowing, AND in times when I'm excited to share a new DIY project.

What have you been up to? Anything new on your heart?

Ps. If you were wondering why you were greeted with Matilda's precious face, it's because I needed a photo and she's just precious. That's all!


  1. I feel you friend, I realized during this season of change in my life that change makes me anxious and just plain uncomfortable, even if its good change. I am really working on being intentional with my time lately-my time with Ronnie, my time with the Lord, my time working, etc. I hope the rest of your week is filled with quality time with your hubby!

  2. I thought about this today when I watched this video: I am totally guilty of multitasking with my phone or computer and I've realized how it's keeping me from fully enjoying or appreciating moments. I think it's good that we're all starting to be more conscious of this, although it's probably more habit than anything.

  3. I completely hear your heart on this! I don't handle change well, either, and get emotional and needy for my husband. The past few days, he's had to snuggle me a whole awful lot and deal with my rollercoaster of emotions. I also completely hear you when you say you don't want to be "that person" who is so absorbed in social media. I've been grateful for being too busy with teaching now to spend much time on facebook, pinterest, and even instagram. It's sweet to be connected in the real world, not the digital.


  4. I completely understand how you feel ! Sometimes, I keep worring about stupid and selfish things, complaining ... And I forget that some people are suffering or struggling way harder than I am. But we can always improve ourselves and be better persons ! I hope the people in the accident are safe and in good health !


  5. gosh, friend, TOTALLY understand your feelings on this... sometimes we can get so disillusioned in the whirling colors of our own little world (and the social media, ugh) that we lose sight of the "big picture", the fact that there's beautiful, tragic, and happy things going on around us that we fail to notice. i'm trying to take the time to invest more in the world around me, really look people in the eye when they're talking, really listen when they speak, take the time to pray for people i see in a bad spot, and just smile and ask a simple "how are you" to the lady making my double chocolately chip frappucino at Starbucks or bagging my groceries at Walmart . basically, wrapping up a loooooong thought (ha, after today i'm sure you realized i have those quite often!), i just want to be more "in-tune" and intentional.

    love you, v!


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