Life has been Full!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lately, nothing about my life has been based on routine. Just when I thought life was getting all organized.... :)

Each day has been filled with something new, and it's been really busy. No matter my life stage, I feel like October is always filled to the brim. It's been so good, but I'm ready to slow it down a bit. As October ends in a few weeks, it's my hope that things will return to normal. Except then, the holidays will be upon us! I think that's another reason I'm so passionate about getting Christmas shopping done early.. I want to be able to fill the joyful holiday months with sweet time with people that are important to us.

I thought I'd share a few snippets of what's been going on in our little corner of the world, with all the craziness!

Last week, we had a houseguest. Our dear friend from high school, Seth (blurry face pictured above), came in town for an audition. Our other friend Liz joined us for a dinner of Southern Living's Crockpot gumbo. It was such a blast just hanging out in our home with people who we've cherished for so many years!

The next day, Ben had work, but Seth and I met Liz and our other friend, Katherine for lunch. We dined at the fine Chili's establishment, which made me feel sick to my stomach. Yuck. No fun. We did, however, enjoy a lengthy trip to Target to browse the Halloween decor and get a bucket to house our Halloween Candy. Next weekend, we're hosting my Sunday School class (9th and 10th grade girls) for a weekend retreat and I figured they would be a fan of the candy bucket!

On Sunday night, the Halloween fun continued. We went over to our brother and sister's house with a few of their friends to carve pumpkins. It was fun, but I can't say we were very good at this. :) In the future, I would just carve a normal jack o' lantern face, I think! We tried to carve Matilda, but she kind of looked like a weird teddy bear. :)

I'll be sharing more about this soon.. but I've been able to cross a BUNCH of things off of my 101 in 1001 list. One of them included a fun trip to Waco, Texas to attend the Magnolia Mom Fall Show. While we were there, the HGTV cameras were rolling, and we were snagging some majorly beautiful home goodies. It was so much fun! Look forward to a full post on this next week! :) PS Do ya like my artsy light? :)

Check out this precious image preview of our adorable pup! Last weekend, we had a little photo shoot with Zac and Kaitlin Photography. We had a blast with this joyful, fun couple. Matilda was hamming it up.. big time.

This morning, my bible study co leader, Chelsea, and I returned to my old high school stomping grounds to support a few girls that are in our study. The morning pep rally was so much fun. We loved watching all the performances. I did NOT love watching high school couples get their mack on and insult each other and use curse words. I had forgotten about the harsh realities of high school life. I had also forgotten about how many people you interract with on a daily basis in that setting. It made me miss the opportunity to share Christ with so many people and just love on people in all different life settings. I don't know that I necessarily took advantage of that opportunity back then, but it sure did get me thinking. I was such a proud mama watching these precious girls (and one more, not pictured!) show off all of their hard work. These girls are seriously so talented and I am so blessed to know them!

What's been going on with y'all lately? Any pep rallies or HGTV or pumpkin carving? :) Happy Weekend!


  1. aww how fun that you get to support the girls you lead. So sweet

  2. Nice post ! I love your pumkin ! I couldn't find one, which is so sad ! When my Grandpa was still alive, he used to carve huge pumkins from his garden and they looked amazing !!! :) Oh, by the way, I love your outfit ;)


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