60. Have Ben’s Meme write out her famous “Magic Cookie” recipe for me to frame

Monday, November 11, 2013

One thing I really wanted to put on my 101 in 1001 goals list, was having Ben's Meme write out her signature cookie recipe. I specifically chose her, because I had a professional photograph of her cookies that she made for our wedding reception.

After finally getting on the ball, I'm super inspired to have more relatives do this. I mean really, look how cute in the photo above! I just used a frame that held two, side by side 5 by 7 photos. This frame is currently sitting on our kitchen counter (howdy yellow countertops!) but I am potentially going to move it over to the dining area for a small gallery. Oh yeah.. If you follow me on Instagram you know that there is a dining room makeover in the works! I had really been struggling in that room with our turquoise walls.. I finally just decided they were more "bachelorette pad-ish" and painted those babies gray. I'll share a look at the color later this week! :)

Now, I'd love to see y'all run with this idea and get some relatives to write down their signature recipes. I know that one day we are going to cherish having that handwriting on our walls. I hope it was an encouragement to Meme that we wanted to showcase her recipe in our home. Something that I have learned in my almost one year of having intercontinental grandparents, is that your encouragement means so so much to them. This idea could also be used as a Christmas gift... get creative with it, friends!

What are some of your family's signature recipes? I'd love to hear! Or even, have y'all share them in the comments! Thanks in advance! :)

Note: Image courtesy of Zac and Kaitlin Photography 


  1. When Emylee was in grade school - she took a cooking class and had to make a recipe book. She chose to get all the family recipes. It has been great having it as a reference of the years. I love how you framed this one!

  2. Love this! Trying to decide which relative I should ask first and for what recipe... our moms each made their own famous cookie recipe for our wedding, so that could be a good place!

  3. I absolutely LOVE that idea!!! We have some family recipes that mean so much to us!! :)

  4. I have my great grandmother's Mississippi Mud Cake recipe framed on our kitchen counter as well! I'm thinking about framing several of them over the buffet in our dining room but haven't decided yet! I love using the double frame and adding a picture!

  5. When my mom married my dad, she received a book full of recipes that had been gathered from old friends, new friends, family members, neighbors she grew up with, etc. Over the years, my mom spent time with my sisters and I in the kitchen turning those recipes into dinners and desserts. I can't tell you how times dishes from that book have been served at Thanksgiving or how many meals have been brought to families who are struggling I have such special memories that originate from the recipes that were written in that book almost thirty years ago!

    Recipes are like pieces of history that can be preserved, passed down, and enjoyed for generations! How incredible is it that you'll get to share this piece of your family's history with your children someday?!


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