Dining Room Paint Reveal

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Last week, I painted our dining room. It was quite the ordeal.

When we picked paint colors, I knew I wanted to use turquoise somewhere. My young, inexperienced self thought turquoise would look excellente with the dining rooms soon to be white beadboard. Which, it did. But I guess I forgot I wasn't decorating a bachelorette pad. Seriously... it would be so cute to do a room in this color.. but after almost a year of living with it, I realized that this color didn't fit in the home I was making for us.

Let's start at the beginning... when we toured our house for the first time after knowing it would be ours, it looked like this:

Green. Eeeeeeh. It was even more pukey looking in person. Sorry for that graphic.

Let me just say... bright white trim changes everything. And floors. And Chlorox cleaning products. This was a HUGE improvement.. but it just wasn't us yet. I struggled with this room for a year, and it was by far my least favorite in the house, especially after I painted our bedroom.

Inspired by the beautiful, dark gray I observed everywhere during my trip to the Magnolia Fall Show, I knew what direction I wanted to go in. I searched Joanna's Instagram for paint color sources and my eyes fell on.... Intellectual gray. Insert heart eyes emoji here. I loooooved the brownish undertones. As I painted, it almost looked dirty. LOVE.

TA- DA!!!!

I love it with all of my heart! In the photo, the neutral from the kitchen is kind of poking through and looking really pink... but it's not. Promise. :) If our kitchen counters weren't bright yellow, I'd paint the whole thing gray. Sigh. One day. :)

This room has a LONG way to go styling wise, and in a short time, probably! I have some ideas brewing... But I will say that yesterday Ben said "the table and the hutch are the only two pieces of furniture in our home that don't look luxurious"... This tells us two things... One: all the people who have given us hand me down furniture are as fancy as they are generous Two: If the hubby notices the room needs work... it NEEDS WORK. With three celebrations going down at our house during the rest of the month, I gotta hit the ground running. A week from Sunday is the first one.

This just became like the Hunger Games. Kind of. CAN I DO IT IN TIME?!?!?!

What do y'all think? Not about me finishing, but about the color! :)


Last night Ben and I ate our first meal together sitting at our kitchen table since SUMMER. Thank ya, football season. I made this, and Ben literally forced us to eat it the second he got home because it smelled so good. I guess that means it was a success? :)


  1. I LOVE that color! I need a grey for my bedroom, thats a perfect color!! And that picture of your hubby is just precious.

  2. I love it! Although, I loved the turquoise too! Our living room is a pale blue color, though, so I'm okay with it being a little like a bachelorette pad! ;)

  3. Love every single thing about that room! Especially that sweet little built in! I would die for some built ins!

  4. It looks so great, Victoria!! I love the new color in the room!! It sincerely looks wonderful!! So glad you both were able to sit down and have a meal at that table!! I'm so pumped that you are able to host some celebrations this holiday season. You're going to be a great host!! Love you, sweet friend!

  5. So beautiful. I love new color even though I liked the first color a lot too. It looked pretty beachy though and your style isn't so beachy. I love the colors!

  6. Love the gray, and love your dark floors!

  7. That grey is the perfect color! I love it! Also, what is the name of your tan walls throughout your family room? I love how light but cozy they are.

  8. Love it! That room looks so sophisticated and grown up. Bravo! It was well worth the grey paint on your red nails ;)

  9. Way to go, Victoria! The color is beautiful; you can never go wrong with a rich neutral. Now have fun with the colored accents!

  10. I love that color ! It's crazy, the room looks completely different ! Good job ! :)


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