How to: Have a Wonderful Adult Snow Day!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Texas was hit with a massive load of snow and ice (okay, mostly ice!) last night. We knew that Ben had the day off of school just minutes after he got home last night. We celebrated with Chicken Enchilada Soup in the crock pot (so delicious and cozy!) and yes, we watched the Carrie Underwood Sound of Music. I loved it, whoops! I know a lot of people are complaining about Carrie's acting. Which okay... wasn't necessarily the beeeeeestttt. But the performances were great and it was just plain fun. It wasn't an action movie so Benjamin Luke was sawing logs next to me before long. :)

How to Have the Happiest Adult Snow Day

Your outdoors should look like this:

with a little bit of this:

Bonus points if you can get your pup to escape the warmth to come play with you. More bonus points if your pup is an English Bulldog.

A festive candle should be lit IMMEDIATELY. This is essential. All other things rest on it. Bonus points if your candle has a photo of some red mittens playing in the snow.

If you are like my husband, wear long johns. Sweatpants pictured over said long johns to protect the hubby's booty from being shown via the inter webs.

Request your husband/mom/roommate to cook breakfast for/with you. Ben served up some delicious breakfast burritos in whole grain tortillas.

Note: I braved the grocery store yesterday at noon (along with a MILLION others) to get some food for our snow day. They were sold out of green peppers. #overit

Your slippers should be on.

Snuggles should be had by all!

You can work on your Santa list. Dear Santa Claus, I like this. And this. And this.

Hot Chocolate should most certainly be made. Bonus points if you have leftover shaved chocolate from the Hot Cocoa bar at your wedding. :)

You should also stop by my dear friend Nicole's blog.. to read about an amazing cause that she's fundraising for.. and see her beautiful new blog, designed by yours truly. :)

You should curl up with a book and relax. How often does the world stop? Not very often.


And listen carefully. This is VERY important.

You need to be enjoying your Christmas tree!

Happy snow day to all, and to allllll a good day! :)

PS. Congratulations to KATE KUBLER for winning the giveaway! I was so excited about all the entries and wish I could gift to you all! XOXO


  1. Looks like you had a great snow day! I am so jealous of everyone in seems like everyone is getting snow while I am stuck here in Alabama with rain all week long!!!

  2. Such a cute post! I'm over in Memphis and we are somewhat getting rain/ice. Definitely wishing we were having the snow as well! Your blog is such an inspiration and I absolutely love it. I would love for you to follow along with me at :)

  3. you know you're texan whennnnn.... ice freezes over everywhere and we pretend it's snow. ;) i seriously can't help but enjoy it, though!!

    you design blogs?? GIRL. you should help a sista out over here. ;)

  4. SUCH a precious post! Glad you got to enjoy a sweet wintery day at home with your husband! Nothing better. Also, you did a fabulous job on Nicole's new blog design!! xo Happy Friday girl!!

  5. I adore this post!! It's sunny and 75 here in NC :) Our states must have switched moods haha Love the blog design, I keep fighting with the dreaded HTML coding on mine... Happy Snow Day!!

  6. Victoria! I laughed so hard at Ben's long johns with the way you shared it… Haha!! Y'all are so wonderful. Also, this is a fantastic post. Love you!

  7. Your snow day sounds PERFECT! It's a gross 74 here in Charlotte right now, so I'm living vicariously through your day as I type :)

    Our dogs love snow almost as much as I do which is good because when it does snow, we're out in it every 4.67 seconds. Enjoy!!

  8. This is one thing I cannot wait until I'm a teacher and (possibly) married to one! Yay for snow days, and yes, candles and cuddles are necessary. Stay warm! :)

  9. Your decorations are so cute! Thanks for joining the blog hop :)
    xx Tia

  10. I have a Santa Fe too! Aren't they great and perfect to drive in the snow?! Hope you enjoyed your cozy snow day,it looks like heaven!! :)

  11. I'd say that's a pretty damn perfect snow day ;)

    I think I just need some more snow and I'll be set! So happy you linked up with Fresh Face Friday so that I could find you, lovely! x

  12. I want to have a snow day now. Too bad even if the roads are bad enough to cancel school and it takes me hours to get to work, they still expect me to show up!

  13. I wish it could snow in France as well, so I would be stuck at home :) I love snowy days !
    Take care :)


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