January Goals

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I can hardly believe that I'm typing out my January Goals. For the first month of 2014. What? I'm kind of a broken record, repeating something along these lines at the beginning of every monthly goals post.. but really. It's crazy. The combination of celebrating our first anniversary and preparing for the New Year has gotten me so focused on reflecting on the past year and filling 2014 with meaningful activity. I am proud and humbled to say that looking back on the past year, there are lots of things that have dramatically changed for the better. God is good and I'm excited and hopeful for what's to come in the new year. It's my vision that this time next year, we'll feel the same way. 

First, let's finish 2013 strong and look back at my December Goals.

Celebrate ONE YEAR OF MARRIAGE! WAHOO!!! Yay! We never celebrated dating anniversaries, so it was really fun to celebrate a milestone of togetherness for the first time. Love! We had a full, great day. We went to church, grocery shopped, worked out, and got all dolled up for a delicious dinner and night on the town. It was just a really fun day. 
Celebrate our first Christmas as a married couple Best. Christmas. Ever!!
Mail out our Christmas cards I'm officially obsessed with Christmas card season. All of our other Christmas decor is put away until next year, but the cards are still up for now... and I don't really know when I'll be taking them down. :) 
Fill Ben's stocking to the brim with goodies :)
Put Matilda in her Christmas collar whoops! I forgot to do this. :) 
Host an overnight guest during the first bit of the month 
Soak up the joy of the Christmas season through lots of festive outings!!
Work through Lara Casey's Goal Setting series in preparation for 2014 Currently in progress! I just finished up step three! If you haven't looked into this series.. I greatly suggest checking it out. Even just the first two steps are really beneficial if you're really overwhelmed by the whole thing! 

January Goals:
Finish working through Lara Casey's Goal Setting series
Tweak our budget and get everything in order for our finances in 2014
Work on decorating our dining room 
Welcome a regular guest blogger that I'm really excited about!
Complete 4+ blog redesigns for clients (YAY!)
Start writing 52 handwritten letters (a goal from my 101 in 1001 list) by sending four this month
Host a baby shower in our home (also on the list!)

What do y'all have planned for the beginning of the new year? I feel like the big presence of the new year can be so intimidating.. might I suggest picking just a few things to accomplish this month, things you can really make happen? I'm excited to hear what y'all have going on! 


  1. I'm so excited to see you work through your January (I still can't believe it's 2014) goals! You inspired me to write my own 101 in 1001 list, which I'm blogging tomorrow, and I'm so inspired by your progress. What a full year your beautiful family had!

    Chelsea & The City

  2. Yes to all of this!! FOUR redesigns?? Get it, girl!!!

  3. Love this!!! You were a big part of my inspiration for sharing my goals this month and I can't wait to continue this during the new year ahead!! Thanks and happy New Year to you and your hunny! :)

  4. Great goals!! I love your handwritten notes/cards!! There is always something special about a handwritten note from a friend!! Good luck, lady!! :)

  5. This is great! I love how intentional you are through making goals and monitoring whether you meet them. I recently heard about the goal-setting series by lara casey and am hoping to go through it as well. My hope is that 2014 will be an intentional, productive, joy-giving year!

  6. Can't wait to see how the kitchen looks! Currently saving up some money to have you redesign in a month or two. :) Happy January!


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