On the Creek

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The summer after Ben and I were seniors in high school, we spent a ton of time four wheelering around the land that we know as "the creek"... we had just admitted to mutual feelings for each other and basically riding on the back of his four wheeler was an excuse for a big old snuggle while all of our other close friends were around. (Sorry, guys!) I have so many sweet memories of him teaching me how to drive, how to shift gears and when to do so. I remember racing next to our friends and how tangled my long hair got every single time. It was always a sweet time and it was a great way for me to see how stinking wild my future husband is. He speeds around searching and chasing animals and it's always been fun to see that, especially when I'm hanging on the back of the four wheeler feeling like I'm in a combination of a high speed chase and an African safari.

But then, we went to college. The four wheelers broke down. Life happened. We genuinely hadn't sped through the trees of the creek since our junior year of college, and even then it had been awhile.

On Monday, while Ben had the day off, we headed out to the creek for a ride. It was such a blast. The familiar feelings from when we first liked each other came back and it was just plain great to enjoy being OUTSIDE! It was a beautiful day and everything about the experience was so enjoyable! It was great to unplug from everything going on around us and just be out in the middle of nature. It really was a sweet blessing.

What have you done recently to get outside? Or even to trigger fun memories? Happy Wednesday!


  1. You two are so stinking adorable! That looks SO fun!!

  2. Aw I love this. I used to go out 4-wheeling with friends in high school and haven't done it in so so long. My husband is a city boy so this isn't really in his comfort zone!

  3. Ugh you two just stop being so adorable already! It looks like yall had a blast :)

  4. Riding around on four wheelers is still one of our favorite things to do! I love ski season, but am ready for spring (and the snow to melt) so we can go four wheeling up in Utah again all spring, summer, and autumn. Looks like ya'll had a sweet time! <3

  5. Four wheeling is the best! Outside is a bit cold here in Illinois - eek! Right now it is only 7 degrees, so I'm enjoying the warmth of a fire and a hot cup of tea while looking forward to spring (which will hopefully be soon). ha!

  6. That's so awesome! What a neat thing to be able to have so much land to explore. Sam and I used to ride his 4 wheeler in high school in the "country" where he lived, but it was mostly back roads. They have since sold it, but you're right, those are such sweet memories!


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