Wicky Wicky Remix (on our Kitchen Reno)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hi there!

I'm not sure why I felt like that greeting was appropriate for this blog post.. but it just was. A few weeks ago I shared our plans for a kitchen renovation. I was excited about white subway tile with grey grout, and white quartz with grey veins.

And then real life happened. The quartz countertops were going to be twice the cost of choosing granite. So, as much as I love white, I love saving money more. It was back to the drawing board. I personally don't love the look of really organic looking granite. Lots of colors and movement are just not really me. Especially with our already white countertops, I wasn't loving it. I had a few ideas in my head before going to the granite yard yesterday to choose. This was so hard because Ben was at work but praise God he could answer his phone a few times. He said he trusted me 100% with design and budget decisions... but that was a lot of pressure. I called him twice. Whoopsies!

I was in this HUGE warehouse with rows and rows and rows of options. Also it was freezing in there. And the way they wanted me to go about this is to choose what I like and then they would go get me prices on things. So that kind of threw me off because I felt like I would be able to better determine what I liked/would choose based on the price. I knew going in that I was going for a solid black look. These new inspiration photos lead me to that.

Photo from the Magnolia Mom, whom I met this fall! Read about it here.

And this is the kitchen from a Nancy Myers movie. Love. Obviously.

These images made me confident that I could make black work in my kitchen. I actually got excited about it more than the original white. I truly believe this will be a better design decision long term.

After comparing several different blacks and prices, I discovered that the cheaper option I could live with was only $4 a square foot less than my absolute perfect dream granite. So we decided to go for it and get the biggie. I felt weird about choosing the more expensive option.. but in the end the money difference wasn't that much.. so we went for it! I was so giddy about it.

Then this happened:

They pulled out my granite sheets so I could inspect them. Meanwhile it's freezing. But this was a fun thing to watch.

And here's a really goofy photo of me displaying our granite. Lovely. Pretend I'm normal, please. :)

So what do y'all think? Is anyone cheering for me choosing something other than white? Especially when our bedroom is all white and creme?


  1. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE! I have always said for my second home, I would have a solid white kitchen with black counter tops. We are just too much alike with our home plans :) They will look absolutely bea-utiful!

  2. This is going to be gorgeous! So chic, and bold! Proud of you girl. Great choice :D

  3. It's going to look lovely Victoria! Truly! I am very excited for you and Ben and cannot wait to see the finished product!!

  4. I absolutely love the look of the black counter tops with white. It's still a very clean look- but the pop of black adds a little something extra. I think you made a good choice :)

  5. Way to go for choosing something "risky". I think black countertops will look lovely with white counters. And, if that's what you've been dreaming of then it is totally worth the "risk". hehe :) I personally think it will look amazing.

  6. I love the black! I think you'll do such a great job with the kitchen Victoria, I can't wait to see it all come together.

    Chelsea & The City

  7. I love the black! We have a black granite dining room table top, and I told my hubs I want kitchen counters that match someday. We actually have family friends in Irving who own their own granite and marble countertop business ((including gorg back splashes!)), who I can holler at if ya'll have any maintenance questions or anything. Like resealing... We didn't know you need to reseal your granite and marble every year. So yup! :)

    Overall, love love love the black. It's going to be gorgeous!


  8. That black countertop is going to look so pretty! I think you made a great choice :)

  9. I'm so glad! I hated the idea of a light worktop, but I didn't dare say! This will look beautiful, and will be much easier to clean :)


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