Day Nineteen: Little Known Facts

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This post made me think of a conversation I recently had with some blogging friends about little things about ourselves that are missed just by reading our blogs. Kinda funny, right?

1. The only boy who's ever broken my heart is my husband.

We broke up for over a year in college, and it was an extremely hard time in both of our lives. But we needed it, and God used it. We allude to what happened in this video, but I'm thinking of sharing our story soon on the blog. Is that something y'all would be interested in reading? :)

2. I don't drink anything but water.

Actually, the exceptions are the occasional hot chocolate, apple juice, sprite when I'm sick, and blue powerade. Those are the only beverages I can even slightly tolerate, and the times I stray from water each year are less than ten. I told Ben the other day that I wish I could experience the joy others feel from stopping to get Starbucks or enjoying a glass of wine. I live vicariously through you, people.

3. I've never used a curling iron.

I just posted about this yesterday on Instagram... but I've only ever curled my hair using my straightener. I just got a curling iron/wand set for my birthday, so this will soon change. Please send any tips my way!

4. I have to drive 30 minutes to several nearest Targets, and 20 to the closest legitimate grocery store. We really do live in a small town, and I've had to get used to everything being 30 minutes or so away. It really doesn't bother me though, it's become a way of life. (Miss you, College Station!)

5. I attended two Universities.

I went to Baylor University my first semester of college, and then finished the rest at Texas A&M. Best decision ever. ;) Really though! (sorry, Bailey!)

6. This summer I'll see my mom's side of my extended family for the first time since I was 16! England problems.

7. Because of our small town, I often time my trips to the gym so that I'll be the only person in there. It takes out the intimidation factor.. plus it is so fun when Ben is with me and we have the whole place to ourselves to talk even when we're on different equipment or sides of the room.

Okay y'all. Sorry for the most boring post ever. You're probably sick of reading stuff just about me all during this month! :) March will bring fun and new things! Thanks for sticking with me.. thankful for y'all! XO

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  1. I would love to live in a small town! Sean and I live in the city and sometimes I really wish we could move out to the country where it is much quieter and 30 minutes away from the town :)

  2. I would love to hear y'all's story. It is such a testimony to show the Lord can absolutely wreck your heart to bring you closer to Him. He has such clear purpose and intention even in the worst of it all. Love following your sweet blog. I can relate to so much y'all are going through as a newly married couple that just simply love being married and serving one another. Thank you for sharing!!

  3. Yes yes yes! Please tell your story!!!
    I'm with you on the water thing. If I don't drink at least 5 water bottles {mine is about 20 oz} every day, something is wrong! I do enjoy a glass of wine or other fun beverages, but not as regularly, and I add extra water to compensate. Love me some agua!

  4. I was telling my friends today that I totally judge on whether I could live in a certain place by it's proximity to a Target. 30 min. is definitely doable, more than an hour? Too far :) I wish I could drink only water, I am addicted to my Coke Zero's, I'm trying to wean myself off of them.

  5. I would love to read the story of your breakup and backtogetherness!! My husband and I have a similar story and I find it so encouraging to see how other couples saw something like that as a blessing from God and became stronger because of it. :)

  6. It can be annoying living so far away from a big town, but you do get used to it. We live at least 1 hour from a legitimate town- as in there is a Wal-Mart and grocery store. If we want to do any big shopping, it is 2 hrs away. This is Texas, things are pretty spread out! :)

  7. a post about your story with your husband would be fun to read!

    p.s THIRTY MINUTES to target? wow. i think i would keep over. in orange county everything is so close together....every store you can imagine is never less then 10 minutes away!

  8. I would love to read your story about your breakup and getting back together with your husband! I think people would find it encouraging and helpful.

    30 minutes to target? They're building one 5 mins from my house set to open in July....I am in trouble!

  9. Hey girl, I'm a new reader...but I can relate to the small town thing! 20 minutes to a decent grocery store and at least 35 to a Target. You do get used to it though. :)


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