Day Six: Make-up Must Haves

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Today's challenge topic is something I love and enjoy but don't necessarily feel like I have knowledge about. Makeup! I feel like every person has such specific needs with their skin type and coloring, but these are the things I love! I've finally gotten really comfortable with my makeup routine.

Note: I could really do without the fact that makeup seems to always be named after inappropriate things. I apologize for that!!! 


I had been using Bare Minerals for YEARS (probably my freshman year of high school) and before Christmas I had some extra spending money and a desire to shake it up. This product is similar to a loose mineral foundation as far as application goes, but the coverage is just so much better! Even when I use enough for a really nice finish, it doesn't look or feel cakey at all. I love it and don't plan on switching any time soon.


Benefit Bo-ing

Another new-ish product (I had been discontent with my makeup for awhile!) is this concealer. First, I wish everything I owned was in Benefit packaging. It's so cute and fun. I just use this a little bit around my nose and on the occasional blemish.. I'm planning on the little container lasting at least a year, probably more!


In high school, my friend Katherine gave me this blush for a birthday or Christmas. It's a product that's pretty well known for being beloved by all. Including me! This is my second package (I dropped my first one on vacation a few years ago) but I really just love it! It's a great shade!


I've only recently started using bronzer, and LOVE it. It just adds a little bit of color to my fair skin and just makes me feel a little more healthy looking. :) This product is great because it's easy to apply in layers, so I'm not suddenly orange looking. But, once it's on, it has a really long wear. Since I've started wearing this product I've felt a lot more confident about my makeup as the day goes on and gets to the end.. You know what I mean? Towards the end of the day your look isn't as good.. but this bronzer has kept me looking somewhat put together. I think. :)

Eye Primer: 

Another product that I've used for a really long time. I've had the pot I'm currently using for at least two years. It's so great. It just serves as a base for eyeshadow application. I think it works really well, but it also could be just that I've only ever used this! haha! #notabeautyguru


This has been my favorite eyeshadow since high school. It's a shimmery champagne color, and it works as a base, alone, etc etc. It can be used for everything and I love it! i originally found it in an Urban Decay palette long before the famed Naked palettes but it is also included in the original Naked palette.

The most recent of the Naked palettes, this eyeshadow palette was a stocking stuffer to myself. :) I really should have included the original Naked palette, because I've used just that consistently since early college. I love the colors so much! The Naked 2 doesn't have a lot of colors that I think would be good with my fair skin, but I've really loved the new palette and it's rose gold coloring. These palettes can be used to create so many different looks and I've seriously used up all of three or four colors on my original Naked palette. I've thought about asking for a new one for Christmas or something because it's low! I've used it that much!!


I looooove mascara but constantly feel like I'm searching for a new one. I'm currently using this one and really like it, but I also like the "falsies" one by the same brand. I have tried higher end mascaras at different times but just always come back to the old faithful Maybelline. I love being able to pick up a new mascara easily at the grocery store, with it being the product that is used up most often.

There's my two cents. :) What products do y'all love? I'm always up for recommendations!  Blog Everyday in February


  1. I also always go back to the wonderful Maybelline mascara :) For our wedding, my makeup girl spent $ 20 on high brand mascara and it did not work well with my lashes at all so of course, we ended up using the rocket as well!

  2. Maybelline Lash Stiletto has been my fav for the longest time. I can't find another one that gives me lash length like that one does!

  3. Yes! Benefit bronzer! I have that one too!

  4. P.s I love your blog.

    Newest reader


  5. Love this and will definitely try some of your suggestions. I have to admit I LOVE makeup and I'm always up for trying new things. I might have one too many products in my bag right now. I've recently starting using the NYX brand and have really enjoyed their products esp. their HD concealers. I also really love their setting spray which has been compared to Urban Decay's setting spray. It keeps my makeup in place all day long. So if you're in the market it's a great brand. Great post!

  6. You should try the Urban Decay Chill Makeup Setting Spray it sets your makeup all day I love it.

  7. I love Loreal's Voluminous (sp?) black mascara, that one is pretty good!
    I am wanting to try the Naked pallettes, but wonder if it would overwhelm in choosing how to use the colors.

    Great job on the blogging challenge! I was keep going back and forth if I can stick with it, lol :)

  8. I use maybelline's falsie's mascara too- need a new mascara desperately though!! Definitely need to try the Nars blush!! And I looove the smell of forever red by bath and body :)

  9. I use maybelline's falsies but looking for a new mascara, might try the rocket! Might have to try the blush too :) And I loooove the forever red perfume by bath and body...smells so great!

  10. Love this post! I always enjoy reading about other women's beauty products, it's a fun way to hear about something new! Good luck on the blogging challenge :)

  11. I love the Naked 1 palette the best, I have the other two but haven't found exactly what looks I like with it. I love the hoola bronzer too, I've been using it for quite awhile. I use the rocket mascara as well, but I also use the Revlon Lash Potion, and I LOVE IT! :D I will definitely have to try the Bo-ing concealer and the foundation sometime!!

  12. Oh, good ole' Maybelline for mascara! My momma always used their brand, and no matter what I try, I always just like theirs best. Do you think the naked eye shadows are worth the money? I've wanted to try them but the price scares me away.

  13. I use most of those daily!!!! Love them, especially UD Naked pallet! :) Have a great weekend!

  14. Oooo, that Tarte airbrush foundation sounds PERFECT for me!
    I might have to add that to my cart the next time I'm at Sephora ;)

  15. First of all, I am a new follower and love your little blog oh so much!
    Second of all, THANK YOU for doing this. I'm also very fair skinned so I love to see what other fair skinned girls use for their makeup :) I'll be looking into several of these!


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