Day Thirteen: A Favorite Quote

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Not a lot of quotes fill my head on a regular basis, outside of studying scripture. But this one quote, heard by a young girl watching The Princess Diaries for the first time.. it's just lingered since then. This week hasn't been super encouraging for a few different reasons, and choosing a quote to share here came at a perfect time. I needed to remember this myself this week.

It really is true though. In a recent time of discouraging news, my immediate response was to want to binge shop/eat/watch netflix aka irrational and irresponsible behavior. The Lord so graciously stopped me in my tracks and drew my attention to my sinful nature. Not that there is anything wrong with shopping, or a good cookie, or some quality tele watching.. but the fact that my heart was in distress and I was desiring an excess of these things (outside of Christ) that I thought would bring healing.. that wasn't good. Although in this situation no one was making me feel inferior, I think it's a similar thing... I had a choice about how I was going to respond. I chose treating myself to Subway lunch, (deeeeeeelish!) spending some time reading, and finishing up with an hour at the gym. I chose to fill my sad heart with positives instead of negatives, and I felt so much better. I was lacking guilt, and it was just a small mirror of my forgiveness through Christ. It ended up being a good day.

I hope this quote encourages you today, wherever you are!

Ps. You may have noticed my blog design has been refreshed! Yippeee! I've added a FAQ page to put some of the questions I am often asked via email/twitter/insta to make everyone happy! If you have any specific questions you'd like me to answer, shoot me an email (click on "contact" above) or tweet me.. whatever you want! :)


  1. I grew up hearing this quote! Thanks for bringing it back into my life (in such pretty font)! Great stuff.

  2. i really love your perception of Christianity to a "secular" quote. you are such a beautiful writer.

    p.s i love that font you used for the quote xx


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