Day Twenty One: The meaning of HOME

Friday, February 21, 2014

Anticipating this post, I wasn't sure what I was going to write. I have recently posted on the subject. But today, all over again I reflected on the joy of a home that is a place I can rest, a place that I can care for and open up to others.

For some reason, when I opened up a drawer to get some aluminum foil, I was filled with overwhelming gratitude. I may be a little bit crazy, but it made me so happy. I feel so blessed to live in a home that I can organize and fill with things we need for our daily life. Today, I genuinely felt so grateful to have a roll of foil, and to be able to cover a casserole I was making for company later that day. Again, it's so silly. But I love having drawers to fill. I love having a place to prepare for guests. Maybe it's the recent kitchen overhaul, but I'm loving my time in our kitchen.

I truly am so thankful for our home. The room above used to look like this:

It's amazing what some paint and new carpet will do. Seriously.

I love that our home has a story. It's only ever been lived in by one other family. The couple built it when they were young and lived there until they died. We bought it from their grandson. That meant that nothing had been updated for YEARS and YEARS... but it also means we got a story. And an opportunity to make something new and beautiful out of something no one would ever want. There's so much Jesus metaphor in that I can't even handle it.

I would love to hear about your home. What is it that makes where you live a sweet place for you? Any fun stories about where you live? What are some ways you can be thankful for the little things in where you are today? :)


  1. Your home is so beautiful! You guys did a crazy amount of work and it looks awesome. I love looking at before and after pictures and would love to renovate a home, but don't think I could live in it while it was going on!

  2. We love that we actually know the people who lived in our house before us. They bought the house when they were newlyweds (like us) and lived in it until they had two babies and finally needed more space (which is our plan as well). It's so fun to think about the life of our homes before they were ours :) I can't to see your house in real life one day! haha

  3. It's sounds like such a blessing that your home has a lovely history behind it. And it seriously looks like something out of a magazine! It's beautiful, really. xo

  4. Just like you, what I love about having a home is having a place where I can have guests and feed and entertain them. It's a very good blessing to have!

  5. I'm still convinced y'all need an HGTV show. What a sweet post! Love that little things, like foil, remind us of how blessed we really are.

  6. Oh gosh, your home is precious! I love that you have such a long desk! Very practical! That rug is gorgeous too!

  7. I love that ya'lls home has a story! I kept thinking ours didn't for so long, but realized, it does. Every home does. Ours just happens to have held lots and lots ((as in probably hundreds)) of families before us, who were in the same phase of life. I continually feel grateful that we have turned something so cookie-cutter into a home, not just a house.


  8. I need you to teach me how to house!


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