Day Two: What Fires You Up

Sunday, February 2, 2014

What fires me up?

 Jesus, candles, Texas A&M University,  scripture, handwritten notes, neutral colors, Southern Living magazine, beautiful photos, interior design, great customer service, stationery, a productive morning, healthy crock pot meals, Anthropologie, grocery shopping, Kappa Alpha Theta, heartfelt prayer, Nancy Myers movies, hospitality, guests leaving our home with full bellies and happy hearts, Matilda: our English Bulldog, DIY projects, Nordstrom, financial planning, holidays and celebration, hydrangeas and basically all beautiful florals, gold foil, monograms, seasonal things, adoption, surprises in the mail.

I had recorded a lot of these things without even knowing it. Recently my love for pinterest has been renewed. I've just been gathering a lot of inspiration lately. During some of my recent pinning, I realized I needed a board for things I just plain liked. Images I might not specifically have a need to keep on file, but ones that I like anyway. That's where my "love" board came from, and it really helped me focus on things that just plain make me happy. If you haven't ever done so, I would encourage you to make a list of things that "fire you up"... things that get your heart beating fast and smiling big! Having that to look at is a major mood brightener!

Do we share any of the same loves? What fires YOU up? I'd like to hear! :)

Note: the sources of the images above can be found here.

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  1. Love love love your post! It made me happy just reading it! And thank you, because I've had such a bad morning!

  2. Love, love this! My "fires me up" today is all about adoption, as we have family friends who are in the process of bringing home a brother and sister from Ukraine.


  3. Love this! Adoption, handwritten notes (hope you got mine this week!), candles, quality time, Starbucks, Jesus, so much more are what fire me up.

  4. What app did you use for the collage. The adoption part just made me smile. Since we struggle infertility is one of our options.


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