A Family Dog

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The other day we were driving and a pickup truck in front of us had three golden retrievers in the bed. They were rather ombre, with one being a dark one, one a traditional golden color, and one almost white light blonde. They were precious, and for some reason really stuck in my mind.

We LOVE our bulldog Matilda. LOVE LOVE LOVE HER. We've talked about only having bulldogs and only naming them Matilda (Matilda II, Matilda III, etc) and just been ridiculous. I'll be devastated when our sweet pup passes away one day, but the reality is bulldogs don't live near as long as many other types of dogs.

Seeing these beautiful family dogs scurrying around the back of the truck got me thinking. For some reason, I got bit by the "American Dream" bug and started fantasizing about our future children unwrapping a big box with air holes in it on Christmas morning and saying goodbye to that same dog when they go off to college. It just seemed like a lovely thing.

What do y'all think? Did any of y'all grow up with a family dog like this? Any good dog stories? Why am I so weird and daydreaming about buying a dog in 8-10 years!?!


  1. Not weird at all! I daydream about the same thing and hope our children can at least meet our little Chewie. Funny you mention only having bulldogs & naming them the same. My husband's grandparents have a bulldog and have only had bulldogs and all their names have been BoBo! So he always talks about "the bobo my dad grew up with" or "the bobo that they had when I was little" I think it's hysterical!!

  2. I had a golden growing up (and my parents have a new one now) and LOVED him so so much! They are such loyal and fun dogs!

  3. My family has ALWAYS had black labs! But the one that stands out in my mind most it the black lab/great dane that we rescued. He was the funniest dog! Just so goofy but also always knew if something was bothering you and wouldn't leave your side.

  4. I grew up with a family dog and that sweet little girl is getting on up in age and it breaks my heart to pieces! Josh and I rescued a pup from our local shelter about a month after being married, we couldn't imagine life without a pet! I imagine (and hope and pray!) Murphy will be around when are kiddos come along in the future but we definitely want another dog, for Murphy to have a playmate, and probably more of a puppy for our kids one day! I totally don't think it's weird to daydream about future pets!

  5. I had a west highland terrier from the time I was 4 until I was 20. Sweetest dog and really my only "sister". We all loved her to pieces and I can't imagine my childhood without her. I have since had my own sweet dog for the past 8 years and my parents have gotten a new westie. Dogs make everything better, no matter what breed :)

  6. I've always had goldens, 2 when I was younger, and 2 we got when I was in high school that are still living. Right now, my husband and I are renting, and can't have pets. You can better believe I'm dreaming of a house and a golden to put in it! haha

  7. I never had a dog growing up.. I'm allergic. :( Butttt I know if I owned a dog I would be obsessed with it. Like firstborn child obsessed.

  8. We had a golden growing up...and he definitely was the type of dog to dream about!

    I day dream about stuff just as cooky as this too. I think it is a female thing haha


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