April Goals

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

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Y'all. Can I just say that I've needed an extra dollop of grace lately? I came into 2014 with my imaginary boxing gloves on... ready to take on the world and accomplish a ton. (Remember my 2014 vision?) It's turned out to be a really discouraging few months. We've dealt with struggles we never thought would be even slightly on our radar. In the spirit of full transparency, we're in a hard season. We've been in a hard season. I can see that it has really strengthened our marriage.. but let's be honest. Sad times stink. But I am so truly grateful for the joy and hope that comes with a new month. To me, it seems like "his mercies are new every morning" on a slightly larger scale. I'm welcoming April with open arms, and praying that Spring will be a major turning point for us. 

Also, about zero March goals actually happened. 

March Goals
Finish reading Alliegant by Veronica Roth
Start Love Story by Nichole Nordeman started reading an old favorite instead!
Attend Hope Spoken 
Enjoy Ben being off work for a full week!
Travel to College Station for a basketball game 
Organize our desk junk drawer, and dining room cabinets (a scary land)

I did just go back to an abandoned goal from February, I found some incredible pillows for our bed! They can be seen in this instagram.

Organize our desk junk drawer, and dining room cabinets
Compile a book list for the rest of the year
book the last few things for our Europe trip
get photos back from a REALLY fun project (sharing more soon!)
attend my sister in law's first baby shower
take some time to snuggle my puppy
add a few more sets to my strength training routine (more on this, soon!)


  1. Praying for you guys! Remember to hold to Him and you two will be perfectly fine! Think of April and this upcoming Spring as nothing but a fresh, new start :)

  2. What did you think of Allegiant? I need to read the series again, because I stopped reading about 2 or 3 chapters into Allegiant. There was so many days in between reading the book, that I forgot what was happening! Did you see the movie??

  3. Great goals! Stay strong... those rough seasons are just that, seasons. They will be gone soon! :)

  4. Love you, girl! I hope this month is full of rest and refreshment, joy filled moments for you and Ben! I can't wait to see those pretty pictures ;)

  5. Oh sweet friend! I'm praying for you during this time, if there is ANYTHING I can do from Ohio, let me know! I like to send packages to cheer up friends. :) Enjoy the spring weather!

  6. Spring is a great time to start fresh and giving yourself grace is always necessary. I set monthly goals for the first time this April and linked up with The Tiny Twig. It's so encouraging to know that others are on the same journey, even as strangers! Hope this is a blessed month!

  7. Praying for you, sweet friend. Hard times definitely happen, and it hurts big time. Trust me, after 3 1/2 years of marriage, we've been there time and time again. Life isn't perfect, and neither is marriage, and thankfully the hard times refine your marriage as you walk through the fire.

    Hoping for ya'lls sake that April brings some relief!


  8. I am sorry you're having a rough few months! Hope it gets better starting this new month! A Europe trip sounds fun!!

  9. Praying for a grace filled spring for you all. I know how discouraging those hard times can be but God has a plan greater than our biggest vision for ourselves, even if we can't see all the pieces. However, despite the tough month you accomplished most of your goals and accomplished one from Feb. which I think is definitely something to be proud of. Cheers to a new season!

  10. I'm happy for 2 reasons - 1, I found your blog and I love it and I'm so excited to be following along! second of all, I found out I am not the only one with a junk drawer! hahaha. Anyways, I'm excited to be tagging along your blog now, come say hi if you get a chance, I love making new friends!


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