Exterior Progress

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When we bought our house, there was a lot of work to do on the exterior.

We hated the wheelchair ramp and the gravel in the flower beds and the white metal hoods over the windows.

The ramp was ripped out for us before we even moved in and Ben tackled the gravel in the first few days of me moving in, too. But the hoods have remained. We aren't DIY people, really. I think maybe we want to be sometimes.. but it's just not who we are and how we want to live (constantly building things) and we're okay with it. But that meant we had a lot of fear when it came to removing the hoods. We were afraid the whole window frame would need replacing when pulling off the hood. But after almost a year and a half, enough was enough. We decided we could just try one hood on the side of the house and see what happened. and before we knew it.. they were all gone.

Let's check this out with some photos of our home's exterior from over time.

Hip, hip, hooray! We are totally thrilled about this big change. we have 90% more natural light in our home now, and that has dramatically improved my quality of life. That sounds so silly but it really is true. I love having sunlight streaming into our home. Our kitchen and dining area used to demand the use of overhead lighting all the time and now its easy to go without. The change is amazing! We've also been dreaming about painting the brick a medium gray and adding black shutters... ee! That will probably be awhile down the road, though!

What do y'all think? :)


  1. It looks so perfect!! Seriously, such an adorable southern home :) I love love love gray houses and yall should totally go for it!

  2. I love it! I wish so much that we had more natural light in our home, but with how hot it gets, our curtains stay shut most of the time in an effort to keep cool. Can't wait to see what else ya'll do with your sweet home.


  3. I just love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your cute home! I need you to come and help me design some rooms in my home!

  4. Beautiful home! I bet you love spending your evenings on that front porch!

  5. It looks amazing! You can usually get inexpensive, but heavy duty pre-painted shutters at your home depot (or similar store)! That way you can skip the DIY painting and all, and just hang them to get that perfect touch!

  6. It looks amazing! You can usually get inexpensive, but pretty decent quality pre-painted shutters at your home department store (home depot, etc.). That way you can skip the DYI painting part and go straight to the part of hanging them quickly and loving the look!

  7. Our house is brick and white and I want to paint the brick sooo bad! There's just something so cozy about painted brick!

  8. It looks so cute! Natural lighting in my home is a must too! I need light! Also, having natural sunlight stream through your home drastically reduces the electricity bill because lights don't have to be on all the time. Just another perk of natural lighting :)


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