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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

In the past two weeks, the median age of visitors to our home hopped up quite a bit.

As you may or may not know, when we purchased our home, it looked VERY different than it does now. If you'd like some of our original before and afters, check that out here. More coming soon!

Our home was built by a couple when they got married, and they lived here until they passed away. We bought the house from their grandson. Even for me, scrolling through the original photos of our home never gets old. I cannot believe the transformation that has taken place.

A few Fridays ago, the grandson of the builders of our home came back in town and wanted to see all that we had done. Ben and I had both been looking forward to this. It's really fun when people who had been here before see the changes we've made. Due in part to our visitors being distant relatives, somehow our home ended up packed with people and even more snacks. Everyone brought something! We had a visit from a 104 year old lady who was trooping around the casa and kept telling me how lovely it was. That was fun.

The thing about small towns is, the majority of people in a certain age group that have ties to our town have spent time in our home. Ben's grandmother's brother and his wife were in town this weekend and stopped by for the first time in many years. By this point, we've gotten into a rhythm of touring people around. We stop and show them a before photo of the fireplace and talk about how we love living here and how much help we've had. We tell them which rooms we think have changed the most and which flooring is original. But this time was really different for me. Carol (pictured above) sat on our couch and remembered having her bridal shower in that very room.. 57 years ago. Just looking at it, you wouldn't guess, would you? I was beyond thrilled about this. Our home has been entertaining for nearer three times the duration of my life. People have been welcomed and loved here. There was something about the legacy of this that captured my heart. I loved it. We took a photo to record my joy. I'm clearly beaming with happiness! This is just a fun and sweet story that is close to my heart, so I wanted to share it! :)

Do you have any stories of legacy in your family or home that mean a lot to you?


  1. We just moved into our first home- and in the basement, all the past people who have lived in the house wrote their names, the years they lived in the house, their children and years they were born. It's amazing to see how many people moved into our house as young couples and started their families there.

  2. I love this!!! Our neighborhood is full of homes that were built in the 60's-70's and I love driving through thinking of all the stories the homes must hold.. so awesome!

  3. I am currently living with my husband in our home we purchased last October. It was a home my grandmother and grandfather built. My husband and I were introduced and met in the front yard of the home. We had our very first kiss on the carport when we were in middle school. Lots of memories and I hope a home filled with many more to come.

  4. Oh wow!! What a great time to share stories and sweet memories :)

  5. I absolutely love this! Our home ((being on a military base)) has been "home" to probably hundreds of people, but I love that we have been able to make something so cookie cutter be so personalized to us. Lately, I have been daydreaming about owning a home that has as much meaning and known history as ya'lls does to you!


  6. wow that's so amazing to be able to share and take part in such a beautiful history... :)


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