June Goals

Friday, May 30, 2014

Man oh man. I need June in my life. For us, June is vacation month. I couldn't possibly be more excited to head across the pond with my sweet husband this month. Our trip will be downright incredible.. but that's not even it. I just plain need a vacation, a change of scenery. I'm in one of those times when even things I love take an extra push, just a little break would do amazing wonders- so two and a half weeks will leave me feeling like it's a whole new year! I'm giddy about June, and our trip, a good portion of each day. I can't believe it will be here in just a week! 

May Goals
Read the scriptures daily; Chronological Reading plan on my Bible App!  EVERYONE NEEDS TO USE THEIR BIBLE APP! LOVE! 
Complete a Mini Contentment Challenge with Meredith 
Finish booking things and planning for our Europe trip NEXT MONTH! 
Celebrate the wedding weekend of two dear friends (this weekend!!)
Have the guest room ready for a guest (it was ready, it wasn't great... haha!)
Finish reading Boundaries and start reading The Nesting Place
host a baby shower for my sister in law
Consistently declare Monday to be "household day" and complete laundry, cleaning, changing of sheets, etc. This has been a laundry GAME CHANGER!
Start the process of getting a tshirt quilt made

This month's goals are quite simple... I'll be especially focused on the second one. :) 

June Goals
Pack our things for Europe in a semi-organized fashion 
Enjoy every minute of England and France with Benjamin Luke
figure out what year Strader Farm was "founded" by going to the county court house
Get rid of all the clothes I've cleaned out of my closet

What do y'all have planned for June? And just in Summer? :) 


  1. A good christian friend of mine gave the book boundaries when I went through a devastating divorce. I am so glad she did this book was a blessing for me. It really taught me a lot and change some things I was doing wrong just to be accepted.

  2. WOO HOO Go Straders!!!! I cannot wait for this Europe trip and I’m not even going!

  3. Love you our blog. Makes me so happy! Which Bible app do you use? Thank and have the best of best times on your trip. God Bless.

  4. I think #3 of your June goals list is my favorite. How stinkin' precious?!


  5. The table set up is perfect! Can't wait to read about your trip, I hope June treats you well! Happy travels, Strader babes!

  6. Sounds so fun! I was in England and France the last 2 summers and miss it so much! Have an amazing time!!

  7. I just adore your plates...where are they from?

    Also, your upcoming vacation sounds extraordinary!

  8. SO exciting to prep for a trip - ours was definitely a much appreciated refresh!


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