May Goals

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Y'all. Spring has brought new life into my... life. :) 
I've never really been Spring's biggest fan. I just love Fall too much to give any other season my attention! Haha! But this year, the pastels, the new life, the cool breezes and nice sunshine... I've been all over it. I'm thankful for the sweet new season. For so long, my life was defined by semesters and school.. but now I'm starting to truly cherish the seasons that the Lord created for us naturally. There is so much about a slight change of season that keeps me feeling joyful. And May is always the beginning of such a sweet time, it always brings celebration. Graduations, upcoming marriages, etc. I love it!

Let's check back in with last month's goals!

April Goals
Organize our desk junk drawer, and dining room cabinets
Compile a book list for the rest of the year Done! In a handy dandy note on my phone!
book the last few things for our Europe trip
get photos back from a REALLY fun project (sharing more soon!) 
attend my sister in law's first baby shower
take some time to snuggle my puppy
add a few more sets to my strength training routine Y'all. I do squats regularly. WHO AM I?

May Goals:
Read the scriptures daily; Chronological Reading plan on my Bible App! 
Complete a Mini Contentment Challenge with Meredith 
Finish booking things and planning for our Europe trip NEXT MONTH! 
Celebrate the wedding weekend of two dear friends (this weekend!!)
Have the guest room ready for a guest
Finish reading Boundaries and start reading The Nesting Place
host a baby shower for my sister in law
Consistently declare Monday to be "household day" and complete laundry, cleaning, changing of sheets, etc.
Start the process of getting a tshirt quilt made

What do y'all have coming up this month? 


  1. First of all, I love your idea of Monday being "household" day and getting everything done! I also love having guests and getting our guest bedroom all set up for them. I'm excited to see pictures back from your photo project, sweet friend!


  2. Ahhh! I'm starting a t-shirt quilt this month as well. Too funny. One of my good friends just made one for another friend and has inspired me to use those old t-shirts I've been storing in my drawers. Happy happy May!

  3. I have a box of t-shirts in storage just waiting to be made into a quilt. I'm hoping to get it made when I go home in July! I'm also attempting a version of the Contentment Challenge this month and I'm so excited about it! No Target runs and no Chipotle are going to be major stops on the struggle bus, but it will be worth it! Love your goals, lady! Cant wait to see those pics ;)

  4. I cant wait to see your t-shirt quilt!! I have always adored them! Oh, and you are totally inspiring me for "household day" on Monday!

  5. These are good and fun goals! I really like the Monday household day idea ... I might have to start doing that :)

  6. These are great! How exciting that you're going to Europe next month! I was supposed to be there next month as well, but it looks like I'll be visiting some U.S. cities instead :)
    P.S. where did you find that I heart TX pillow?

  7. I LOOOOOVE that pillow! I'm from TX too- and boy do I miss it!


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