Straders in Europe: Brighton

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hello, friends! I'm so blessed to be guest posting for my sweet friend Bailey, in her series "Be You, Bravely" today! Go check it out, here! :) 

If you haven't already read about the beginning of our trip, check out these posts:

Trip Preparation 

The next day of our trip, we drove from where we were staying to Brighton. Brighton is a city right along the seafront. It's culture would be really comparable to Austin, Texas. Anything Goes in Brighton = Keep Austin Weird.

When we arrived, we enjoyed a lovely lunch in the garden with my aunt. We ate french bread, jamon,  tomatoes, and chips. So, so yummy. And the weather was beautiful!

Then we set out to go explore the main shops of Brighton. This is where we really felt like we were in Austin.

Then we found Cath Kitson and I was a happy girl! It's basically the Lilly Pulitzer of England. :)

I tried on this dress and was oddly obsessed with it! Too bad there are exactly ZERO places it would be appropriate to wear my London Bus dress, so it stayed in the shop! :)

After going into a few places, we decided to go ahead and walk down to the iconic Brighton Pier.

I saw the sign for LOLLIES and obviously was in my happy place.

Of course we got lollies again. YOLO.

In that second photo, it shows where we sat and relaxed until my aunt came to pick us up. Under the blue umbrellas! The weather was probably 70 degrees or so and it was so nice just to relax!

We then enjoyed a delicious dinner at my aunt's house, with her, my cousin, and my other grandmother, "Nanny". What's interesting to me is that the outside of her place looks like an apartment but inside it's the size of any other house.

After dinner we walked to the end of the street (literally a one minute walk) and the beach was right there! She lives by a much quieter portion than the pier. We watched the sun go down.

A hydrangea bush by the beach... okay but really how do I get that in my yard??!??!?!?!?!?!??!!?

The next morning, we spend the majority of the midday with Nanny. She took us on this little train that rode all down the beach.

It was a sweet, short little ride. Perfect for the family- NOT. Okay. It actually was really a sweet family thing to do. EXCEPT WHO PUTS THEIR LITTLE TRAIN TRACKS TO DRIVE BY A NUDE BEACH?!?!?!?!? Yep. I saw my first nasty old man booty. And more. Yuck. Ben thought this was hilarious but I was basically scarred for life.

Another photo to give you a look at what Brighton is like.

Then my aunt took us to the local "football" club so Ben could get some gear and check things out. Everything was on sale so he got stuff for everyone we've ever met basically and was a happy man.

Next was Ben's favorite part of the whole trip. We went up to a high point in the hills called Devil's Dyke. It had amazing views of the surrounding farms and the weather was perfect and everything was so lush and green.

It was AMAZING. Ben was seriously in his happy place. Also, that lovely dog is my aunt's pup, Benson. We're obsessed with him because he's huge and super friendly and just has the best dog personality. It wasn't just a random dog running in our pictures. :)

On the way back to our last family dinner in Brighton, we spotted this little reminder of home. Except Texas is not remotely known for it's pizza.. and doesn't have a specific type that I know of at all! Haha. It's funny the things that translate over. :)

Y'all.... I am GIDDY to start sharing London photos! Plan on those being broken up into more posts so you don't drown in them. :)


  1. I just want you to post every photo you took on this trip...I am incredibly jealous. I am so ready to go abroad again, it's ridiculous. I talk about it to my husband every day. I hope to use some of your suggestions and tips when we go :)

  2. I am in awe!!! What a neat place. :) Cannot wait for London posts!

  3. I am loving these recap posts!! It's so amazing that you get to travel all over England, and get the "true" sense of each town. What a wonderful opportunity. Also, I love Ben's gingham shirt, would you mind sharing where he got it? (You look fantastic btw, love the romper!)

  4. How fun!! I was going to go to Brighton last year during the London portion of my trip, my decided on Bath instead. Next time I will have to visit this little gem!


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