Straders in Europe: London (Day One)

Monday, July 14, 2014

We started off the morning at the Hove train station (the town next over from Brighton where we had been!) and rode for about 50 minutes to get into London. 

I oddly really miss the sweet voice of "mind the gap" before getting off of the trains in England. 

As soon as we arrived, this sign was such a fun and encouraging thing to see. Explanation: we arrived at the Victoria train station, and this was a campaign with signs all over the station saying like "Victoria, grab your things and book your ticket" to encourage you to go to the Emirates or whatever. This one just seemed appropriate. 

We dropped off our bags at the hotel, because we couldn't officially check in until three. Looking at the photo above I am filled with such nostalgia for our hotel. It was such a sweet home away from home while we were in London. Everyone there was so nice!

We started our navigation of London with a walk to Harrods. The area we stayed in was so beautiful and Ben loved looking at all the really nice cars. It was also mainly residential around us so the walks were always really peaceful. 

We thought this was a really cool flower shop, they had amazing rose displays.

Then we arrived at Harrods! If you don't know what Harrods is, go here. I don't think I can do it justice... but basically it's a really huge and fancy department store known for it's ability to sell you anything you could possibly want. We knew this would be a really fun place to explore on our first day, before we started our dive into tons of sightseeing. Well, I did. Ben wasn't so sure at first but claims Harrods as his favorite touristy thing we did. (If you haven't already noticed.. Ben's favorite things were all at the beginning of the trip!)

Going to get macarons at Laduree in Paris was probably one of the things I was most excited for on our trip. But then, right there in Harrods was a Laduree, tempting me!!! I was ready to go ahead and get some but Ben thought it would be worth it to wait until Paris. I thought it would be too until now when I miss macarons so much and wish I had eaten them every available opportunity. 

In case you were wondering that pink dress was $4,000! I'll get it next trip ;) We had such a fun time walking through all the fancy things and choosing our favorites. We really liked a bunch of the Louis Vuitton clothing. And, this rainbow of Tod's loafers!

My Harrod's purchase was a Kate Middleton sticker book. Of course. :) 

We got that "The Queen's Hat" children's book for our sweet baby niece, who was born on Thursday

After we were super hungry and tired, we decided to eat lunch at the Harrod's tea room. 

It was pricey, but really fun and relaxing and memorable. I'm so glad that we ate there!

After eating and going to a few areas of the store we hadn't yet been, we headed back to our hotel to rest and clean up a bit before our dinner reservation at Langan's Brasserie. It's a place known for it's traditional British food and it's one of my Dad's favorite places to eat in London. Michael Caine owns it.. and apparently you will often see celebrities there. Our waiter was awful so that kind of tainted our experience, but we did like the little flag on our table. :) 

More soon! XO


  1. Oh I love that dress! It looks like you two had a great day in London. Harrod's sounds AMAZING.

  2. I LOVED London. Such a fun, vibrant, exciting place...we went to Harrod's but didn't have enough time in there. I could spend a whole day exploring! I'm dying for some macarons now...can you believe I've never had one? Even when we were in Paris! So wrong. I love the Harry Potter sign...and of course, all things Kate Middleton! I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures :)

  3. Love's one of my favourite London tourist things too! I was there one time with friends and we got thrown out of the loos for taking photos - hehe! Apparently that's not acceptable!!

  4. I love Harrods!! That was one of my must sees when I went to London while I was studying abroad.

  5. What a neat store! I love the recap! :)

  6. Loving these recaps! When I was in Harrods last year, my friends and I were freaking out because we passed by a large advertisement for Charleston, SC (We all live in SC). We couldn't believe that we were in London and little ol' SC was being advertised for :)


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