Straders in Europe: Last Day in London, Travel Day, First Day in Paris

Monday, August 18, 2014

We began our last day in London on the London Eye. Yes, it's pricey. But SO worth it. We paid for the fast track and scheduled for the first ride of the day at 10 am which I would suggest to anyone and everyone. Getting there for the first ride cut down on the crowd craziness and made it that much more enjoyable for us!

We then spent the rest of the day walking down the Thames river to get to the Tower of London. No photos of that are included because we didn't really like it, haha! It was good to see I suppose, but it was like so many other things we had already seen! 

Hello, gorgeous Paris apartment! After a ride on the Eurostar (which was so incredibly easy and enjoyable!) we arrived in Paris. This is when our trip had its first hectic moment. We were locked out of our airbnb apartment with no way to contact our host, and right when we got in we realized our camera was lost. I can say honestly that I was a total diva about all of the above and thought that the sky was falling. I do not understand how Ben was just like "whatever" but he was! I married a very gracious man. We soon discovered that I had left the camera in our hotel lobby and that it was safe and sound (praise God!) I was a little sad (a lot) about not having the camera for Paris, but it also allowed us to really be in the moment, and I knew we would have our portraits from Stacy to cherish for a lifetime! 

Our first night in Paris we just slept off the stress, but the next morning we hit the ground running. I miss Paris just thinking about it. We stayed about a mile from Notre Dame so for the first day or so that was our frame of reference for figuring out our way around the city. 

We hopped on an open top tour bus and rode all around, soaking up all of the sights and just getting a feel for everything. People watching was out of control. 

By this point in the trip I was really homesick for our pup.. hence the photo above!

We decided to hop off and spend the rest of our day exploring. We started on the Champs de Elysses, and looked at all of the shops! Ben got a few things from H&M and my only purchase was Laduree macarons, which I would buy more of in a heartbeat. #yum

We then decided we would walk all the way back to our apartment from where we were which was like 4 miles. Benjamin Luke hustled me around that city. 

We rewarded our efforts with Nutella crepes, which again #yum.

On Friday nights the Lourve is open late, so we changed into fresh clothes and decided to head there. I imagined us exploring the place in the darkness but Paris stays light until like 11 pm, or at least it did while we were there. 

At this point in our Lourve journey.. Ben made the above facial expression and we decided to high tail it outta there. Something we loved about this trip is that because it was just us, we weren't shy to say we wanted to leave somewhere and weren't stuck waiting on others to look at things we weren't really interested in. It was jolly!

We had our cab driver take us from the Lourve to Notre Dame, closer to where we were staying. It was so fun to walk home in the Parisian night from there, stopping to watch all the street performers. We watched some rollerbladers for like 20 minutes. :)


  1. You are an amazing photographer, Victoria! It almost feels like I'm enjoying Paris with you, so thanks!

  2. we felt the same way about the louvre! hating i missed out on the nutella crepes--so yummy!! i'm in love with yalls airnb apartment--SO gorgeous!

  3. How fun! I would love going to Paris. Maybe one day.
    Looks like this was a great part of your trip!

  4. OH your pictures are so dreamy. I've scrolled through this post like 10 times already. Incredible!! I am so jealous. And you look phenom in that red lipstick! Gorgeous!

  5. Whew! Awesome photos! Sounds like an exciting trip.

  6. I am SO living vicariously through all of these photos! :)

  7. Ah! The Globe! Be still my heart! Actually, my heart soared at practically every picture! What I wouldn't give to go back. Your apartment in Paris is gorgeous, by the way! Was that one through airbnb too? Next time I travel I want to give that service a go in at least one of the cities. I'd love to hear more about your experience with it!

  8. So beautiful! Makes me miss Paris so much! I loved walking down the Seine and using Notre Dame as my guiding point to get to other parts of the city. You are so beautiful and joyful in your photos!

  9. This looks magical! Can you share the link of the airbnb apartment you stayed in?


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