Blogtember 10: 10 Things (Well actually not!)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Prompt: List 10 things that you love about yourself! Let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!

I almost skipped this post. I was reeeeealllly close. It feels awkward. Talking specifically and boldly about ourselves feels awkward, even though in reality every blog post is just that. Even thinking about making a list like this makes me cringe. EEE. I'm afraid that people who read it will think I'm weird/a diva/other things. I don't know. I don't like it. 

But I think that was exactly what Bailey had in mind when she came up with this prompt. It's not even super relevant for you to read my little list. But it is important for me to write one, to be confident in the woman that the Lord has made me. I am thankful to say, that I do believe I've developed a healthy body image and sense of self over the past few years. We're all different and it's better that way... what's important is being healthy and confident in the truth scripture presents to us about our bodies and the Creator. 

1. My signature "big" hair- in middle school it was a disaster zone that I didn't know how to embrace and handle, but let's be real that's true about all things in middle school... now I love my super thick , wavy hair and usually curl it instead of trying to straighten it to death like I have done in the past. This tweet just gets me. 

2. The Lord's graceful pursuit of me- okay that isn't necessarily something I love about myself... and my life would be much easier if I had come to know Jesus as a small child, but my testimony is a constant reminder that the people around me may never have heard the gospel, and how important it is to love on people wherever they're at.. because we're all lost without Him. 

3. I'm a fast reader- (I stole this one from Bailey but it is something I love about myself!) Ben hates this.. but I finish most books just a few sittings. I can't tell you how many times he flips to a random page in a book I've been reading to quiz me and prove I'm not actually reading.. but I am. I love it and it's always been such a comfort zone. Don't ask me how many times I've read the Harry Potter books. No really. It's bad y'all. Like, you'd think I'm a legitimate freak. :) 

4. My Heritage- Don't let my use of the word "y'all" fool you... every member of my family is the most British person you've ever met and I love that I was born in Paris. Love it. Our trip this summer was my ultimate happy place, showing Ben the places I'm from. We love traveling and learning more about the world and I love that I've experienced much of my life going back and forth between two continents. 

5. My love for seasonal things- I understand that everyone goes gaga over their pumpkin spice lattes.. but people I just love all seasons. Fall IS my favorite but I'm a celebrator... so I love embracing the specific things about every season. Different recipes and floral arrangements in the house and candle scents and treats. I live for summer's first snow cone and the first Christmas song I hear on the radio and the first time I wear white jeans each spring. 

You know what.... five got the job done! What are some things you've grown to love about yourself?


  1. I felt weird about writing mine as well! Big hair is the best though, I love it! Glad you didn't skip today :)

  2. I love your hair! Please do a hair tutorial for us. And who doesn't love scented candles. Love your list and glad you blogged today.

  3. Love your big hair! It's the type of hair of always wanted, the whole 'grass is always greener" mentality :) Glad you got over the awkwardness of this post.

  4. Glad you joined in today! I am having trouble coming up with my list, but working on it. I love the picture and the pillow. I am a Texas girl, too. I live about 35 miles South of Dallas!

  5. Big hair is absolutely the best. I used to be afraid to wear it big (even through college) but in the past two years I've really learned to embrace it. Go us! <3

  6. Cute pillow :) I love seasonal things too. Especially fall and winter. I get all kinds of excited when the Christmas stuff starts popping up in stores!!

  7. I felt super awkward about responding to this prompt too. It took me a while to come up with 10 things, but I"m glad I pushed through. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I'm really big on celebrating too--not so much seasons, as I've mostly lived in the tropics, but celebrating stuff about life in general is definitely my game! :)

  9. Truly love this! I'm so glad you wrote these things out. So impactful I think!


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