Blogtember Five: I am Passionate about _________________.

Friday, September 5, 2014

I am passionate about a lot of things. Some of which are represented in the graphic above. You can read about things I'm passionate about here, here, and here.

But lately I'm passionate about healthy eating, and want to share with you a recipe that has been a huge crowd pleaser in our home. Note: When I say healthy eating, I mean healthy meals with candy worked into our diets regularly in moderation because I just cannot break up with candy.

Let me first say that I was intimidated by spaghetti squash. I don't like squash or squash like vegetables. The idea of spaghetti squash subbing the real thing seems too pinteresty or like it is "as seen on tv" or something. But then my friend Chelsea posted about it. And I trust her. She was clearly excited about this recipe so I decided to be brave and try it.  Ps. If you are a woman you need to be reading Chelsea's blog. Well, probably men too. Shoutout to the zero men who read my blog!

The recipe I'm discussing can be found here. It is honestly better than normal spaghetti and we are obsessed!

Have you tried it before or have I convinced you that it's a good idea?

I am passionate about spaghetti squash, apparently.


  1. Love your post - those images are just so peaceful! Delicious recipe - I've tried it with zucchini but will be giving this one a go too. Thank you [Just had to say, also, that you have the most wonderful hair!]

  2. love these pictures. :) have a happy weekend!

  3. Ohh I love spaghetti squash so I will definitely try this out!

    Do ANY men read our blogs?? lol

    Have a wonderful weekend sweet friend!!


  4. i need tofigure out how to make it right because i tried once...and it was crunchy...i don't think its upposed to be like that lol


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