Blogtember One: About the Author

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A few days late, I've officially decided to take part in Blogtember, hosted by my sweet friend Bailey! Participating in her previous challenge really stretched me creatively, and I'm so thankful for that. So I figured I'd try again. With a few skips, I'm sure! ;)

Images by: (Clockwise) Katherine Klein, Caroline Joy, L'Amour de Paris
Victoria Louise Strader was born in Paris, France to two British parents. She began blogging in college as Bonjour Victoria, but soon after marrying her high school crush/college sweetheart, decided to become Happily Ever Strader, a title that could grow with her. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University, where she was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, served on Breakaway prayer team, and was an Impact counselor. She is a devoted follower of Jesus, & loves seasonal things, realistic looking fake plants, and traveling. Victoria is passionate about making houses into homes, the South, & being best friends with her husband. 

Did ya like my cheese mageeze third person? I do. :) Even writing the logistics of my life and glancing at the work of some incredible photographers above, I'm again reminded of how much the Lord has blessed me with. The more I work on this post, the more giddy I am to dive into this challenge and connect with some new friends! YAY! 

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  1. Eep! I'm really SO thrilled that you're joining the challenge! You are such a blessing to me, friend! I pray that blessings ABOUND this September! And maybe our paths will cross to enjoy the fall weather together later in the season ;)

  2. I LOVE this going to start working on mine soon, even though I'm a little far behind. And that picture of you is just the cutest are ADORABLE! So pretty, girlfriend.

  3. your pictures are GORGEOUS. and you are just so darn cute. can't wait to see what else you write for blog-tember!

  4. Those pics are so beautiful! Happy to know you will be blogging every day this month!

  5. I couldn't do the third person...I felt too silly. But your's is cute!! And these pictures are precious!!!

  6. just found your blog from the Everygirl! Love this post since I'm a new reader! So cool that you have such a heritage!


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