Blogtember Six: Currently...

Sunday, September 7, 2014

...reading You and Me Forever by Francis Chan

...watching I just started watching Nashville, and man oh man.. obsessed is an understatement!  HIGHLY recommend! 

...trying to hold off on lighting my pumpkin candles until it isn't 95 everyday in Texas. I've been burning an apple candle.. but pumpkin is sacred, ammiright?

...eating my morning english muffin with peanut butter!
...pinning everyone that I follow on Pinterest seems to be a mama, because I'm constantly pinning baby clothes and creating false suspicion haha!

...tweeting  I pretty much only retweet others who are funnier and wiser than I :)

...going to see our dear friend Seth in Fiddler on the Roof tonight!

...loving my  few new pieces of fall decor that make our living room extra happy, fall always makes me extra grateful for our home

...discovering well, I'm being reminded of what it feels like to have Ben gone all the time for football season.. aka dislike

...enjoying catching up with several old friends this week 

...thinking about how excited I am to head to College Station in a few weekends to celebrate Aggie Ring Day for my brother in law and two of my best friends! 

...feeling like I lack motivation this week.... rain rain (in my mind) go away!!!

...listening to my Kidd Kraddick app- obsessed!

...thanking the Lord for His sweetness in quiet mornings of prayer.

...starting to consider wearing my pixie pants even when it's so warm! Yikes!!!


  1. Love your attitude about pinning baby things! I am so scared people will think I am pregnant that I made my board for baby things private. Now I kinnda want people to see them to "create false suspicion" :) Love it!

  2. I don't burn pumpkin candles until October 15th and I burn them until November 30th then I move on to a Christmas scent. For me apples are Christmas-y although they probably really aren't.

  3. Mmm, peanut butter on an english muffin sounds like such an easy but yummy breakfast! I've been looking out for some easy, on-the-go bfast ideas and so I'm going to have to try it!

  4. What podcasts do you like listening to? I'm always up for a recommendation! I've been listening to Stuff You Missed in History Class by Stuff You Should Know and Pop Culture Happy Hour by NPR.

  5. I thought about waiting until October to bring out the pumpkin candles, or for it to cool off... We won't have autumn-like weather until after Halloween, though! So pumpkin all the way in our home. ;)


  6. Your recommendation just may have been enough for me to give Nashville a try one of these days... :)


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