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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hi y'all! I'm back after last week was filled with a bit of health troubles... a bad cold plus overdoing it + not eating enough = several incidents with passing out and a trip to the doctor that ended in being told by my doctor that I need to go home and eat mashed potatoes. Not even kidding. Soooo that lead to totally dropping behind in the Blogtember challenge that I was really enjoying. I would like to continue to work through the posts, but might be doing so into October. We'll see.. and I'm thankful for y'all sticking through my own little spin on things. :) 

A lot of bloggers post a weekly roundup of things they've read and enjoyed on the internet... and I thought I'd do a random one today. I've found several things that have been really inspirational or helpful to read, & I'd like to share them!

I just got some new shoes so this blister trick is about to be tried out!

This fall lookbook really set my heart afire for glam fall fashion!

A great three minute core workout to get you feeling healthy throughout the day! I did this right when I found it and loved how simple it was!

And in contradiction.. I really want to make these.

Getting sucked into reading information about fashion week. This was informative regardless of what you think about the whole deal.

A Christmas tour of the Southern Living house I visited last year.

Emily Maynard's Wedding. Heart Eyes Emoji.

Hi I'm Victoria and I'm addicted to looking at birthday parties online.

Have y'all been reading anything interesting as of late? 


  1. wow girl, I'm so sorry to hear! i hope you are feeling a lot better! loving this roundup.... Emily Maynard's wedding was beautiful!

  2. I saw your pins last night from that fall look book so I went to the site and holy inspiration! I love it all.. & want her hair super bad. Glad you are feeling better, friend <3

  3. Goodness lady, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Bless your heart! It's no fun being sick. I think I basically clicked on every single one of these links, so I'll be reading those for the next hour :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon! I have to give that core workout a try soon!


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