September Goals

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Y'all. I am GIDDY about September. By the time we get to October I'm going to be out of control. I know a lot of people love fall after the hot Southern summer, but I feel like Fall just gets me. I always loved going back to school shopping and getting my school supplies. I can't explain how weird it is to have not even seen the school supply section of Target this year. I already have my candle drawer stocked and ready with varieties of pumpkin scents, football season is so fun even with Ben's long hours, it's celebration of family and school spirit and (towards the end) all that we have to be thankful for and I seriously can't get enough. My J.Crew pixie pants and sweaters are smiling at me from my closet, just waiting on this Texas heat to catch up with my heart.

Now ending ode to fall... summertime slowed my productivity. Having Ben at home and the possibility for adventures every day does that, and I wouldn't change it! ... but it's nice to get back into the swing of things with a real schedule. 

August Goals:
Celebrate Ben's 24th Birthday
Research, Research, Research for my new project
Get back in my strength training game not quite back up to what I was doing before summer, but getting there!
Enjoy a little back to school getaway with the fam
less sugar (it pains me to even type this.... eeeeee!) let's be honest, I knew this wouldn't happen even when I typed it, especially with an immeasurable goal

September Goals
Continue Researching for my new project
Finally declutter our guest room once and for all!
finish my impromptu blog makeover 
celebrate Aggie Ring Weekend in College Station- WHOOP! 
try to be intentional with the evenings Ben is gone because of football 
host something fun at our house.. I don't know what, but I've got that itch! 

What do y'all have planned for September? Anyone else a fall-a-holic? :) 


  1. You're an Aggie?! I had no idea! I'm class of 2012. Aggie ring day is so so so so special.

  2. SO a fall-a- holic! Going to pick up all my BB&B fall candles tomorrow!! EEKKK!

  3. Oh, yes sister. Fall just gets me, too. It's my kindred season...and it leads up to my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. OH YES. My August goal reaching sucked, but I'm putting high hopes into this month. We can do it!

  4. Totally with you about fall! Seriously I prefer the cosyness of fall rather than the heat of summer. And my birthday is in september so it helps ;)
    Have a nice month of september girl!

  5. I'm trying to eat less sugar too! Some days I do really well and then other days I totally fall off the wagon!

  6. K...I'm blowing up your blog comments. Ha. I feel ya on the fall love. I love everything about the fall...the clothes, the smell, the food, the holidays, the football, the darker nail polish....and the cooler weather (amen!). can't wait to read more about your big project!!


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