More Thoughts on Home

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lately, gratitude has snuck up on me.

It's when I open our fridge to get out my yogurt to mix with granola in the mornings.

It's when I snuggle in to watch a new episode of a tv show with a pumpkin candle and a warm blanket.

Home just fills me with such a sense of belonging. Last week during small group we were talking about what sin in the world breaks our heart the most. It was really interesting to see how everyone's hearts landed in different spots. We heard from people who were deeply wounded for abused children, terrorism, etc. At that moment, I couldn't really pinpoint what I believe the Lord has pressed on my heart as something to be passionate about.

The next day it clicked for me. I can't stand the thought of those without a home. I want every child to have a mama who gives them birthday breakfast on a special plate while they're still in pajamas. I want every high schooler to have a comfy bed with big plush pillows to cry into when they think they have a broken heart or when their peers are mean, with a dad who can rub their back and brush away their tears. I want every college student to have a parent who frequently visits their new home bringing a new dress for gameday or a package of socks or whatever the need is at that moment.

I am deeply convicted over a desire for people to be nurtured and safe, celebrated and loved. Under a roof that could be large or small or behind a grocery store or across the street from a park. Wherever. I want to welcome others into our home and let them feel like their voices are heard and cherished.

So maybe that's why some of my sweetest moments with Jesus are praising him while I empty the dishwasher or cut vegetables or dust surfaces. Am I still grieved with the "larger" heartbreaks of the world? Of course. But home is what gets me going.

Straders in Europe: Paris Day Two

Thursday, October 9, 2014

We started the day with walking to Notre Dame to put our lock on the love lock bridge. I later found out that we put our lock on the "non marriage love" bridge even though we're married- whoops! Forgive us, dear Paris!

The plan for the rest of the day was to make it up to Monmarte, and get a sketch done. When I had last come to Paris in high school I got one done and my dad wanted another one. We stopped for lunch at Laduree on the way, of course. :) 

I'm going to be honest, Monmarte and the Sacre Cour are worth seeing but for sure my least favorite part of Paris. The area houses the Moulin Rouge and tons of other hoochie mama places that made me feel uncomfortable and sad. I also had one of the street side tricksters grab my arm and refuse to let go while walking up the steps. I was over that guy reeeeealll quick. But, like I said. It's worth going to just because. 

Annnndd there's the sketch. :) What do y'all think? 

I'm trying to finish up all of our travels, more for myself than anything else. :) 

October Goals

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


First let's recap last month:

September Goals
Continue Researching for my new project (kinda took a back seat to my actual job. haha!)
Finally declutter our guest room once and for all! boo ya!!
finish my impromptu blog makeover 
celebrate Aggie Ring Weekend in College Station- WHOOP! 
try to be intentional with the evenings Ben is gone because of football 
host something fun at our house.. I don't know what, but I've got that itch! 

October Goals
Complete and share my capsule wardrobe
Start gathering Thanksgiving tables cape inspiration
Get back on my meal planning game (& maybe share a bit!)
love on those around me via pumpkin baked goods
*fingers crossed* pick up my completed tee shirt quilt 
roadtrip to College Station for Theta Fiesta, the Ole Miss game, & my little's ring dunk

What do y'all have planned for this glorious month?

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