Christmas Wishlist 2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm in a bubble of Christmas shopping joy right now, people! I've found so many sweet and meaningful gifts for our family members, and it has me giddy for December 24th! (Festivities for us start with a family brunch that morning!) I thought I would share a few things that I have my eye on, some realistic.. some not. Haha! But it's fun to see what other people are wishing for, don't you think?

1. Custom Family Crest from Juliet Grace Design 

I'm truly obsessed with the idea of this. I'd probably want to be gifted money to pay for it so that I could manage the design myself (HINT TO BENJAMIN LUKE HINT!) but I think that the idea is so sweet. Matilda's life goal is to be painted as many times as possible for a dog (2 times already under her belt!)

2. Luluemon Wunder Under Pant 

These pants. Yes. They're great for lounging, working out, and wearing under a cute sweater. I have a few pairs from last year but need a size change. I'd love a new pair in black! These are expensive but with my mostly work from home schedule, they get worn more often than anything else.

3. World Market White Marble Lazy Susan

This would be great for serving appetizers, styling, etc. So many things! The white marble look wasn't going to be the best choice for our kitchen.. but I want to sneak it in somewhere!

4. Pottery Barn Clarissa Glass Drop Chandelier 

A new, beautiful light fixture is the last big thing on my list for our dining room.. this room has come so far this year, people! (Lots of home updates coming soon!) I love this one, it's the perfect balance of vintage and modern and I think it's just gorgeous!

5. Anthropologie Gilded Thistle Nut Bowl

Let's be honest.. I may have to grab this bowl before Christmas.. It'd be perfect with some red and green m&m's in it! :)

6. Mrs Ring Box "The Louis V"

These ring boxes are truly so beautiful, such heirlooms! I don't think I would feel comfortable realistically asking someone to spend $100 (with the gold monogram) for a small box.. but they're so pretty! Fun fact: I am often not wearing my rings because I spend a lot of time working out or cleaning (haha!) so my perfect (in my eyes!) wedding rings would look beautiful here during their down time.

What special things do y'all have your eye on this year? I hope Santa's reading all of our wish lists! :)

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