2014 (Part One)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Let's take a look back at 2014! Shall we? 


I started off 2014 being a bit of a crabby crab. But really- on January 1st I began several weeks of sickness by finding myself with a stomach flu while in the car at the mall with our family. My poor brother in law is scarred for life! Haha! This was really spiritually hard time for me. I entered into the year with a very clear vision (read that, here) and being sick in bed for several weeks kicked my tail. 

This month we also went from this:

To This: 

I still owe y'all a full renovation recap of this room.. it's on my blogging to do list for 2015! :) It's funny that I now can't remember life before a garbage disposal.. scrubbing that grout with a toothbrush.. and that yellow! Yikes! I'm so grateful that we got to complete this renovation!

Notable Posts:

I'm Going to be an Aunt
Southern Weddings Web Feature 
Thoughts for My Daughters
Dreaming of Europe 
2014 Vision 
How to Budget for Christmas Shopping 


We continued our Valentines Day tradition of a picture within a picture, I turned 23, and completed my real estate salesperson certification this month.

Notable Posts:

My Story
A Big Career Change
A Message from Jack


In March I created the illusion that I attend classes all the time- Sushi 101 at Central Market and a fullosophie class with The Southern Table! I also had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my friend Michelle's wedding.. her bridal shower was this month too! We also had our home photographed for The Everygirl!

Notable Posts: 

Goodbye, Rut of Mine!
Flower Arranging with The Southern Table


Spring is my least favorite season, and it's reflected by the photos and events (or lack of!) I have for these months of the year. I'm already brainstorming ways to add a little bit of pep into the season! I worked with Winifred Paper on baby shower invitations, picked out fabrics for my tshirt quilt, and we had the blessing of opening up our home a few times, including one that was particularly special for me. 

Notable Posts: 

Our Home's History
When I changed My View on Social Media
Lessons from the Homes of Others


We started off the month celebrating Michelle and Caleb's wedding, so sweet! My dad bought his dream collector's car, I hosted a baby shower for my sister in law, and took photos of my friend Morgan and her pup, Millie. (RIP sweet doggie!)

Notable Posts:

Kayce's Baby Shower 

Photo By Lamour De Paris


This month we prepared for and took our trip to Europe. By far my favorite two and a half weeks of the whole year. I love traveling with Ben SO much. We have decided that we want to take our next trip to Europe during the first year of our firstborn child's life (whenever that is!) Call us crazy, but the idea of taking our babe to a bunch of fun cities is exactly what we have in mind.. I grew up traveling a lot as a baby, and really want to make that something special in our little family, too!

Notable Posts:

Almost Halfway Through 2014
We're Home 
Trip Preparation 

Aaaaaand that's the first half of 2014! Stay tuned! Ps these blog posts are probably just for me so it's okay if you didn't get this far, haha! 


  1. I LOVED every second of this post! These posts are some of my favorites in the whole year...I love seeing all the good things God blessed my favorite bloggers with! And your Paris pictures STILL make me drool. I can't even handle it. What a precious group of memories!!! Can't wait to read the rest :)

  2. Looking back at some of these photos makes me realize this year was so quick. I remember so many conversations about these things! I hope 2015 starts better than 2014. :)

  3. Wow, what a great first half of 2014!! Your Europe photos were so amazing and made me long for London and Paris (also inspired me to have a photoshoot with my future hubby with the Eiffel Tower in the background!). Your home remodel and Evergirl contribution are also AWESOME! What a beautiful home! And your monthly goals were really great too! Inspired me to get my booty back into shape by being more productive. I've really enjoyed following your blog in 2014, Victoria! Have a blessed and joyful 2015!


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