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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

So here's the deal. Bathrooms = cash monay.

But really. So going into this little renovation, we really wanted to be budget conscious. We could knock out the tub and put in an awesome glass shower, and get the $1,000 vanity that I love, etc, etc... but at the end of the day we decided it was going to be just adding a bathroom in general that added value to our house.. not picking out the best of the best. We love our home but with two bedrooms we know we won't be here forever. That being said we're still going to create a space that is "us" and that will be enjoyed for every moment by us and future residents. At this point I can't imagine the kind of luxury that isn't having to dash across your living room in a towel to get to the bedroom after a shower.. so literally anything is going to make me so happy!

I couldn't resist using the fancy vanity in my inspiration board. Haha! The most realistic thing in the board above is the bathtub.. right now we have an old porcelain tub that doesn't have a shower fixture, just bath, and it did have blue tile that went up about three feet from the top of the tub. Ben tore all of that out. The biggest goal for this renovation is to give us a functional shower space. I love subway tile... because I love it and it's cheap. For some reason in this space, I'm really leaning towards gray grout. I'm not sure what brought that on or if we'll end up doing it.. but that final decision will probably be made based on if we end up going with the wallpaper above. It's kind of wild to do wallpaper, I think.. but I'm OBSESSED with this one. It would be perfect for the small space and I have a gift card that would cover the cost. I need to get Ben's opinion on it- but I think if we do the wallpaper I may just want white grout to keep it from getting too busy (even though it will be hidden behind a shower curtain... Thoughts?) We have mercury glass lamps and details in our bedroom, so it only makes sense to carry it across into the bathroom. Because I get ready each morning at a vanity in our bedroom, it's been quite easy for us to keep our bathroom counter clean.. I think just a few mercury glass canisters (q tips and cotton pads for makeup removal) would be beautiful and look great with the marble top of the vanity. And on the topic of vanity.. This is the one we'll go with. I love the one above but it's over double the cost... and they aren't that crazy different. If it were a smaller price difference I'd consider the nice one more.. but especially with a small scale update, $500 price difference is a huge percentage of overall budget. Maybe that logic will get our beautiful mercury glass canisters and wallpaper? :) That really is a crazy way to think about it.. for the price difference I could buy really fancy wallpaper, and canisters, and still have a chunk leftover. This is how my mind works while planning things.. haha! 

What do y'all think? I'm all about light and airy for bathrooms! Actually let's be honest... I'm all about light and airy for all spaces. 


  1. THAT WALLPAPER! I absolutely love it! I think if you have the white grout, it will give more attention to the wallpaper itself. Light and airy bathrooms are absolutely gorgeous! Can I just move in when yall purchase a new home? :)

  2. Go with the gray grout. It won't get as dirty and stained over time as white will.

  3. I second the gray grout! I put white in my bathroom and I really regret it--it is such a chore to keep it looking good.

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