Holiday Bucket List

Monday, December 8, 2014

Photo by Mary Clare Photography

I've been LOVING the Christmas spirit lately (check out my insta for a zillion Christmas pics, @victoriastrader) and so I decided to make a list of a few things I want to do before the 25th! Last year was a really important Christmas because it was our first as a little family, and I really wanted to start some traditions. Even more so this year, it's so important to me that we are a family who celebrates and cherishes the true meaning of the season, the coming of our Savior. I'm also passionate celebrating with rich tradition.

  • Purchase a "2014" ornament and label the bottom of some other unique ornaments with the date (hey sharpie heyyyy!)
  • Find a signature holiday Starbucks drink (peppermint hot chocolate no whip is already secured!!) 
  • Mail Christmas cards to friends and family
  • work through the #SheReadsTruth advent study during my own time with the Lord
  • Read an advent devotional together as a couple before bed each night 
  • Spend time together as a couple reflecting on the good and bad of 2014 and setting family goals and a vision for 2015
  • Provide a need for someone
  • Have friends over to bake Christmas cookies
  • Bake Cinnamon Rolls for friends and family to enjoy on Christmas morning (a favorite thing from last year)
  • Burn Christmas candles! (Favorites = Bath and Body Works Tis the Season, Cinnamon Frosting, Fresh Balsam)
  • drive through some nice neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights
  • purchase a snowglobe
What's on your list this holiday?


  1. Austen & I used to drive to see the synchronized Christmas lights each year when we lived in Denton. I think there's a neighborhood in Aubrey that has several homes with the light shows and you tune into a specific radio channel to hear the music that goes along with the house. Grab some hot chocolate on your way out, and it's a perfect little date night!


  2. I love baking cookies with friends. I used to have a Christmas cupcake baking night with friends a few years ago. We would bake batches of vanilla cupcakes and then decorate them all Christmas-y and fun. That was always a good time.

  3. The cinnamon frosting and fresh balsam candles sound amazing. I really love the SRT Advent plan so far! I haven't gotten a Starbucks holiday drink yet, but I'm debating trying an egg nog latte.

  4. These lists make me so happy! You've got a good one!


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