Our Dining Room

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Our dining room has come a long way. Like. A LONG WAY.

When we first got our house, I was a young college girl planning a wedding and making questionable design choices. I didn't know what my interior style tastes would be like as an "adult" sharing a home with my husband.

So I chose this for our dining room:

I will admit. It was a lot better than what we started with:

(note: not our stuff.. this is a photo I snapped when we decided to buy our house)

Last fall, I chose gray. It seemed like a great decision. The color itself is pretty great.. but there was one problem. It didn't suit me, or my tastes.

However, we loved that room. It housed friends and family often. That table was given to us for free and we were so grateful, are so grateful, for the kindness that was shown to us that first weekend that we moved into our home.

One day I was stalking Restoration Hardware and found my dream table, on sale. WHAT? I know. I showed it to Ben and we figured out that it would actually be a great use for some money we had saved.

So on the morning our niece was born, this little baby was delivered to our home.

Once we ordered the table and were waiting for the delivery time, I painted the room the same neutral color as our kitchen and some other spaces in our home. It's not a revolutionary design choice but I really think it works in the space. It made the room a neutral palette for me to make our own.

The next step was selling the old chairs and saving for the new ones. We had a garage sale and sold a TON of our stuff from college and I stalked the World Market sales for our new chairs. I really wanted a french country look for the center of the table, with neutral linen armchairs on the ends.

It sounds silly but the changing of this room has changed the tone of the rest of the house. It's one of the first rooms you see when you walk in, and I'm so much happier now that it's consistent with our style.

I'm still working on art in the space.. but I'm really really happy for it. It did a great job hosting Thanksgiving last week.

What do y'all think?


  1. AMAZING! I cannot wait to see how this room continues to evolve, but I am loving what you're shared.

  2. LOVE it! I love the way you decorated it with your runner and china ware! SO welcoming.

  3. I absolutely love it!!!! Perfection, and those chairs. I die.

  4. Victoria, I love the transformation, especially those chairs! Xx

  5. Beautiful! Your blog is wonderful. So many blogs leave me filling empty knowing I could never achieve that kind of look, or afford that new "it" bag, yours is absolutely one of the most inspiring out there. I always look forward to your post and never finish reading one without a smile on my face and motivation to tackle some project. I pray the Lords blessings on you and your family.

  6. Those chairs are to die for!! Absolutely love the new look!

  7. I just want to come tour your home! (Is that weird?) seriously, your design style is precious! Its funny you mention the table because that is literally the same style table and chairs that I have been searching for. Hopefully when we purchase our new home it will welcome our guests as well!

  8. This is so beautiful! My sister-in-law has a similar look in her dining room and I love it there, too! I've been considering white upholstered seating, as well, but I can't help but think it will inevitably get very dirty down the line, given kids and general wear and tear. I would love to hear your thoughts!! P.S. I think it's going to say I'm unknown, but this is Emily Thomas :)

  9. I love it! I'm going to have to get that beige paint color from you when we move back to Texas because it looks perfect in all of your rooms. And that table? Perfect, and even moreso since you got it on sale! ;)


  10. Ooooh! I love it so much, Victoria!! You have great taste. I love the table. :)

  11. I love what you've done with your dining room! It looks beautiful.


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