24th Birthday Wishlist

Monday, January 19, 2015

Let's be honest. Christmas just happened. I don't need any stuff. But I really enjoyed creating a graphic for my santa list, so I thought I'd make one for my birthday.... and apparently the theme is shoes! Haha! New sneakers are long overdue- my current ones have stains from painting the home of our siblings a year and a half ago. Yikes! I have had my eye on the Sam Edelman booties for some time.. and think that the Tory Burch espadrilles are super fresh for Spring. I've literally drooled over the signature magnolia wreath from Magnolia Market since it came out.. it's gorgeous and a friend of mine has it so I know it's incredible quality! We smashed our pitcher about 6 months ago and I haven't been able to find one that I love.. until this one! The new Kendra Scott collection releases this week and this necklace looks GORGEOUS! During your birthday month Kendra gives you 50% off one item, so this may be a gift to myself depending on the price when it releases. February, come soon please! We're redoing our little office nook in the days ahead (yes.. super soon after finishing our bathroom. but I pitched the idea of ditching our double desk to Ben and he was allllll about it!) and I'd love a ladder bookshelf like this one from Amazon. 

It's kind of unreal that I'm about to turn 24. When people ask how old I am I still feel like the answer is 21. Ha! One perk of the years passing on is that I will hopefully hit a point one of these days where people don't mistake me for a 15 year old. :) 


  1. I love it! I've been eyeing the same magnolia wreath, too. Our wreaths all take a beating though with how hot it gets here, and the sun sets on the front of our house so the heat is awful on them. I also hear you on the question of how old you are... I'll be 26 in March and still feel like I should be saying 23! ;)


  2. Love it all!! I just now started watching Fixer Upper (I have no idea what I watched before this show!) and so I'm loving that wreath! Also the booties! I just got a new pair of booties too and I might wear them every single day!! How are you planning on changing up your office? 2 separate desks?

  3. I love those shoes! I hope you get them!! Happy birthday!

  4. oh love your list and YES to the magnolia market wreath...I really want to go to her store!

  5. Cute stuff. I love the wreath also. And I didn't know that about Kendra Scott and the 50%. Good to know!! I'll be 36 this year (GASP) and I still think I'm 21. Occasionally people will tell me I look mid 20's...those are my favorite kind of people!! Ha. Enjoy it!!


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