January Goals

Saturday, January 3, 2015

I'll be back next week with my 2015 vision and goals, and the rest of my 2014 recap.. but for now, let's look at January goals! The last few weeks have been a blur of celebration and snow and not knowing what day it is. It's been so sweet but I'm heartbroken over how fast it's gone.. Ben goes back to his normal work schedule on Monday. Boo! However, the work on our bathroom starts that same day, so that will cheer me up! :)

December Goals:
Declutter our Home 
Mail Christmas Cards 
Drink lots of hot cocoa with Benjamin Luke 
Celebrate two of my brothers' graduations (Henry from Texas Tech & Zac from Texas A&M! Whoooop!)
Go through Lara Casey's goal setting series for 2015 this wasn't posted until just yesterday so I'll be following along in real time!
Dwell in scripture this holiday season, with the #SheReadsTruth Advent study

January Goals:
Start a Bible in a Year plan 
Declutter our Home 
Go through Lara Casey's goal setting series for 2015 
Bathroom Renovation (order mirror, bathroom accessories, select paint colors)
Host Baby Shower
Celebrate Baby Dedication with our small group
Declutter closets
fill the empty frames in our gallery wall 
Clean guest room after bathroom storage
Read Making Things Happen and Unbroken
Make reservations and plan details for our Valentine's Day trip to New York City

What are y'all focusing on this month? I feel like I always dread January, the gloomy weather and Christmas aftermath... but this year the Lord has provided lots to be excited about! Our bathroom renovation, an out of town guest, hosting a shower, and a few other fun things to focus on. My plan is to declutter the rest of the house while the bathroom work gets done! 


  1. I agree---January always seems so gloomy! Looks like you have a full schedule to keep your mind off the gloom! P.S. I have that same Longchamp :)

  2. Unbroken is such a good book! I really don't have any January goals this year, other to focus on my relationship with Jesus!

  3. You'll love the book Unbroken!! I highly recommend also "Devil at my heels" which is Mr. Zamperini's autobiography and really explains his conversion to Jesus after he came home and his life started falling apart...

  4. Have you found a plan to read the whole Bible? She Reads Truth has a new one they just recently posted! NYC for V-Day? How romantic!! I am hopefully going with my man in May!
    Happy new Year!

  5. I'm so excited to have found your blog recently - I've gone back through and read from the beginning over the past few days! So inspired! :) Thank you. Unbroken is indeed a great book! Read that one first! :)

  6. I am focusing on trying to keep on top of uni work, whilst making time for God first. I sometimes can see the amount of work I need to do and God goes to the bottom of the pile. This month, I am focusing on that! x

  7. Your goals for January look great! I need to get my room redo done! It has been started and stopped for months now! EEK!


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