Friday No. Four

Friday, March 27, 2015

Hi! This week was such a whirlwind!

On Wednesday we did a little road trip to and from Austin (we left at 6:45 am Wednesday morning and got back at 12:45 am Thursday morning- yikes!) A few months ago my friend Emily at Southern Weddings reached out about Ben and I being the bride and groom model for one of the V8 shoots and I about died. I'm going to save my reflections on this wonderful day until the magazine is out for obvious reasons, but let me say this... these ladies are the real deal. Most fun day ever. I LOVED my big Texas hair and makeup look for the day! I also want to wear false eyelashes every day.

I mentioned in my March Goals that I wanted to do pushups and an arm routine everyday- lol. :) I didn't stick to this past a week or so, but I did find a happy compromise. I've mentioned Tone It Up before, but for the past few weeks I've been addicted. I've been working through their daily fitness schedules and call me crazy but I can see a visible difference in my muscles already. More than anything, these videos leave me feeling AMAZING and like I can take on the world. Couldn't recommend highly enough. The video above is by far the longest (usually I mix match to do 20-30 minutes of training) but I LOVE it. It's hard- I took a few minute break in the middle, but SO worth it. This kind of working out leaves me feeling so energized- as opposed to cardio when I feel completely zonked.

Last Sunday I went to Restoration Hardware (and Ikea. And Wetzel Pretzel.) with two of my besties! Being in the store is just such a fun experience- I love that style so incredibly much. Money tree: where you at? :)

I can't find an online link but Bath and Body Works has adorable pineapple candle holders in store. My love affair with pineapple things will never end!

What have y'all been up to this week? 

Friday No. Three

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ben's week off is almost over, which is sad.. but I will say I'm excited to get back to normal life. I feel like I've been saying this for weeks now, but with travel, bad weather days, being sick, a week off.. I've been out of my routine and I don't thrive when I'm not sticking to my structure. I've been in a funk and I'm eager to break out of it. 

It feels surreal to finally have a copy of Shauna Niequest's new devotional, Savor, in my hands after preordering it back in October. I have been really encouraged by what I have read the first few days.. and I LOVE the style of the book. It's neutral, with a pop of my favorite "real" color, navy. And lettering by Lindsay Sherbondy. YES. I will note that I don't believe using a devotional is a subsititute for reading scripture and prayer. I will use this book to add to the time I spend with Jesus, not to serve as that or replace it.. if that makes sense. If you're deciding between using a this book or reading the bible- bible wins. Every. Time. 

This dress is en route to my house! For some reason my Anthro birthday discount thinks I'm a March baby.. so that plus a gift card made the release of some of the Rifle Paper Company + Paper Crown goodies show up in perfect timing. I hope I love this dress on me as much as I do on the model! My friends and I have been counting down to the full release of this collection!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... She Reads Truth has been continuing to bless me. I've been doing the Bible in a Year plan (as I've been mentioning constantly haha!) but I just love this tool to get women in the word everyday. It's such a clear, meaningful mission statement and I'm so grateful for it.

I've always been a self proclaimed planner diva. I thrive with my little book of calendar & lists. Last year, I bought the Emily Ley simplified planner. I already loved Emily from attending Making Things Happen, and knew I would love her product because I loved the heart behind it. Best Planner Ever. When she released the 2015 prints I wasn't crazy about one of them, and saw a pattern I loved from a very similar competitor. So I bought that. Bad move, Victoria. What seemed like an extremely similar product isn't set up like the Simplified Planner, and has ended up going unused more often than not. Enter me struggling without planner. I've decided to bite the bullet and order an academic year planner on May 6 from Emily.. because I never should have strayed. Sigh..

Happy Weekend, friends!

Friday No. Two

Friday, March 6, 2015

1. Thank y'all SO much for your positive feedback on our bathroom renovation... we really are so thrilled with it. It feels like our own little spa. :)

2. Well, more snow folks! Haha! Ben had yesterday off- which was such a joy! AND next week is Spring break. Usually by the time these breaks roll around we're desperate for them.. but this one came before we hit that point, and we're both really thankful for some rest that won't feel desperately needed... just enjoyed! :)

3. I'm working through the #SheReadsTruth bible in a year plan, not the current lent plan. I've read a few of the devotionals but it's not a daily thing for me. One of the devotions this week seriously made me stop in my tracks at the beauty of the cross..

Acknowledging sin and its consequences is a difficult, achy, and emotionally invasive procedure. But a beautiful thing happens when we take that hard road through the mountain: we do not travel alone. Jesus is with us as God’s Word convicts our hearts. Jesus is with us as the Holy Spirit reveals our desperate need. Jesus is with us as our knees buckle at the devastation around us and the devastation within us. He is by our side to administer the salve of grace the moment each sin-wound is revealed. Let us look on our sin, and let us look long at the Cross of Christ. Look to the one who does not avoid our suffering but enters in, who does not despise our brokenness, but redeems it." #SheReadsTruth

4. Speaking of Easter, I ordered an Easter dress that I'm in LOVE with. Ben thinks it's not "Easter-y" enough.. what do y'all think? My easter outfit has nothing to do with praising my savior on the day we remember His death and resurrection.. but it sure is fun!

5. The Lord has gone above and beyond in answering our prayers of desire for community! (mentioned a bit here) The photo above is from our small group's monthly fellowship- minus two ladies though! This time last year.. the idea of being plugged into biblical community felt so far out of reach. In such a short amount of time, we've been surrounded by wisdom and uplifted by the support that these people have given us. It's been so sweet to celebrate so many different things with these people. I cannot recommend joining a small group/home group/bible study group of any kind highly enough!

Happy Weekend, Y'all! XO

Bathroom Renovation- Complete!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Check out my bathroom renovation inspiration here and here.

I think that Fixer Upper has made people a lot more confident about well, buying a fixer upper. But in Fall 2012 when my soon to be husband too me to see this:

I was not feeling it. Naturally. But we took a leap of faith. Before we moved in, we had some major work done (mostly new floors, everything repainted and scrubbed!!) but for the most part our kitchen and bathroom remained the same. (RIP yellow kitchen except not because I don't miss you. Sorry!)

So then we had this:

The most important note to make at this point is that the shower wasn't a shower.. it was just a bathtub. To tile it from it's existing state and to add a shower would have been about $1000 at that time. Which didn't seem to make much sense to us to add $1000 to something we would eventually (hopefully) get rid of anyways. So for two years we showered on the other side of our house. Towards the end it really drove me nuts, but it was fine. Now I feel like I'm a literal queen.

YAY! Forgive me for the darkness of some of the photos.. I snapped them recently and there has been a permanent cloud of fog over the sun for the past few weeks. (come on Spring, you can do it!!) 

I really am so incredibly pleased with how the bathroom turned out- we don't regret spending the $$ at all. It's amazing to me the difference that these bigger projects make- our whole home is starting to really flow in style.. which is crazy to me. I really need to shoot an updated home tour- everything is SO different! 

Faucets and shower fittings: Delta Silverton
Vanity: Home Decorators via Home Depot
Canisters: Pottery Barn 
Mirror: Kirklands (um yeah. I was surprised too! AND it was only $35!!!)
Frame: World Market (no longer available) 

We've been so pleased with everything we chose! If I missed anything just let me know! 
What do y'all think? :)

March Goals

Monday, March 2, 2015

It's March now. My February goals post was just a few posts ago, too. Yikes. That's a pattern I've really fallen into with blogging and I'm going to pull out of it. March is my blogging month!!

Usually Spring is my least favorite season- but this year I've had a change of heart. I'm so ready for it. I'm ready for the sunshine again, especially after a week of snow! (Ben only worked a day and a half last week because of it!)

February Goals:
Keep working through the #SheReadsTruth bible in a year plan (it's challenging to keep up at times!)
celebrate turning 24!
Take a weekend getaway to New York with my sweet hubby
Read Unbroken and Big Little Lies
Reorganize pantry
blog full bathroom renovation THIS WEEK!!!

March Goals: 
Keep working through the bible in a year 
do pushups & my little arm workout routine every day this month (!!!)
successfully style our office shelving unit (I can't figure out how I'd like it)
travel to Austin for something EXTRA fun
attend our niece's baby dedication 
pick an Easter outfit for Ben and myself (one of my favorite things!)

What do y'all have planned for this month? :)
ps if you've emailed me- the snow has me incredibly behind & you can expect to hear from me SUPER soon! XO 

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