Bathroom Renovation- Complete!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Check out my bathroom renovation inspiration here and here.

I think that Fixer Upper has made people a lot more confident about well, buying a fixer upper. But in Fall 2012 when my soon to be husband too me to see this:

I was not feeling it. Naturally. But we took a leap of faith. Before we moved in, we had some major work done (mostly new floors, everything repainted and scrubbed!!) but for the most part our kitchen and bathroom remained the same. (RIP yellow kitchen except not because I don't miss you. Sorry!)

So then we had this:

The most important note to make at this point is that the shower wasn't a shower.. it was just a bathtub. To tile it from it's existing state and to add a shower would have been about $1000 at that time. Which didn't seem to make much sense to us to add $1000 to something we would eventually (hopefully) get rid of anyways. So for two years we showered on the other side of our house. Towards the end it really drove me nuts, but it was fine. Now I feel like I'm a literal queen.

YAY! Forgive me for the darkness of some of the photos.. I snapped them recently and there has been a permanent cloud of fog over the sun for the past few weeks. (come on Spring, you can do it!!) 

I really am so incredibly pleased with how the bathroom turned out- we don't regret spending the $$ at all. It's amazing to me the difference that these bigger projects make- our whole home is starting to really flow in style.. which is crazy to me. I really need to shoot an updated home tour- everything is SO different! 

Faucets and shower fittings: Delta Silverton
Vanity: Home Decorators via Home Depot
Canisters: Pottery Barn 
Mirror: Kirklands (um yeah. I was surprised too! AND it was only $35!!!)
Frame: World Market (no longer available) 

We've been so pleased with everything we chose! If I missed anything just let me know! 
What do y'all think? :)


  1. Oh MY GOODNESS!!! WOW!!!! First off, I just recently found out about the show (Fixer Upper) and am hooked! Second, WOW!!!! Your bathroom is amazing!!! I can't believe the mirrors are from Costco! AWESOME! The tiling is all so beautiful!! Great work!!!

  2. Looks so beautiful, friend! You guys must be so happy to have this checked off your list!

  3. It looks amazing, Victoria! You did an amazing job! :)

  4. Gorgeous! You guys did a great job and I love the simplicity!

  5. LOVE is such an understatement! Everything you and Ben do just turns out perfect!

  6. Feel free to travel to North Carolina and take a whack at my home!
    Y'all did a beautiful job!

  7. THIS IS GORGEOUS!! Seriously- job well done. It looks amazing!

  8. This renovation is beautiful, I love the shower tiles! Unfortunately, we're still in the renting stages, and probably will be for quite a few more years(we're moving abroad soon) but I'm beyond excited at the thought of buying a cute little bungalow to fix up one day!

  9. oh my goodness!!!! gorgeous!!!

  10. Wow, Victoria, what a beautiful, serene bathroom ya'll created! Does it feel like a spa?

  11. LOOKS AMAZING! I love the white and gray and your floors are my favorite part!!!

  12. STILL can’t get over this floor. LOVE! Everything seriously looks perfect!

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