Friday No. Two

Friday, March 6, 2015

1. Thank y'all SO much for your positive feedback on our bathroom renovation... we really are so thrilled with it. It feels like our own little spa. :)

2. Well, more snow folks! Haha! Ben had yesterday off- which was such a joy! AND next week is Spring break. Usually by the time these breaks roll around we're desperate for them.. but this one came before we hit that point, and we're both really thankful for some rest that won't feel desperately needed... just enjoyed! :)

3. I'm working through the #SheReadsTruth bible in a year plan, not the current lent plan. I've read a few of the devotionals but it's not a daily thing for me. One of the devotions this week seriously made me stop in my tracks at the beauty of the cross..

Acknowledging sin and its consequences is a difficult, achy, and emotionally invasive procedure. But a beautiful thing happens when we take that hard road through the mountain: we do not travel alone. Jesus is with us as God’s Word convicts our hearts. Jesus is with us as the Holy Spirit reveals our desperate need. Jesus is with us as our knees buckle at the devastation around us and the devastation within us. He is by our side to administer the salve of grace the moment each sin-wound is revealed. Let us look on our sin, and let us look long at the Cross of Christ. Look to the one who does not avoid our suffering but enters in, who does not despise our brokenness, but redeems it." #SheReadsTruth

4. Speaking of Easter, I ordered an Easter dress that I'm in LOVE with. Ben thinks it's not "Easter-y" enough.. what do y'all think? My easter outfit has nothing to do with praising my savior on the day we remember His death and resurrection.. but it sure is fun!

5. The Lord has gone above and beyond in answering our prayers of desire for community! (mentioned a bit here) The photo above is from our small group's monthly fellowship- minus two ladies though! This time last year.. the idea of being plugged into biblical community felt so far out of reach. In such a short amount of time, we've been surrounded by wisdom and uplifted by the support that these people have given us. It's been so sweet to celebrate so many different things with these people. I cannot recommend joining a small group/home group/bible study group of any kind highly enough!

Happy Weekend, Y'all! XO


  1. Community within a church family is SO important! So glad y'all found one!

  2. YAY COMMUNITY!!! This is just the sweetest. Having people is the BEST


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