April Goals

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Whoops! I'm usually pretty on time with monthly goals posts, even when I'm not consistently blogging. I apologize for the silence around these parts. A lot has been going on in our lives that didn't seem super appropriate to share via the interwebs.. at least at the time. I hate being vague- so I'll say in short: we almost bought a new house & sold our current one. Talk about an emotional roller coaster! I have always been so emotional about where we live (here, here) and the idea of leaving our current house was really tearing me up. When we ran into some contract issues that Ben and I didn't feel super comfortable with, I expected myself to want to do whatever I could to make the "new plan" work. But instead, I heard the Lord whisper sweetly to me that it wasn't right. It was one of those times where I felt a truly inexplicable peace that we didn't need to move forward. So my emotional connection to our current home can continue to grow in the years ahead. :) You may be thinking.. are you crazy? why would you sell your house after you just finished so many renovation projects? There were a lot of factors that went into that decision but they were mainly financial (hoping to make some $$ off of our current house & work towards an investment that would really make our money work for us!) Moving is on hold for the time being- hopefully quite some time. Our little house is quirky but suits us very well. It's held so many friends and family members for so many sweet times and I'm truly grateful. It's not out of the ordinary for our people to ring on the doorbell unannounced or because they need a snack or to drop off an encouragement. I love that. I feel like my vision for our home as a safe haven for all is really starting to blossom. 

Speaking of.. my heart for home really lines up with words spoken by HGTV star Joanna Gaines! (read about when I met her here.) I stumbled upon this video of a part of her testimony, below. Enjoy! I hope it points you towards Jesus.

Okay so I know that at this point I'm rambling.. but I've clearly missed this space. But April has suddenly turned into the kind of month where our weekends are full. I'm not complaining though, it will be as sweet as it is busy!

March Goals
Keep working through the bible in a year 
do pushups & my little arm workout routine every day this month (!!!) Instead I started practicing Tone It up weekly workout schedules, but I'm still counting this as a win! 
successfully style our office shelving unit (I can't figure out how I'd like it)
travel to Austin for something EXTRA fun
attend our niece's baby dedication 
pick an Easter outfit for Ben and myself (one of my favorite things!)

April Goals
hear Leigh Ann Touhy speak at a banquet (!!!)
get taxes out of my life for the next year
finish some finishing touches on our new office area
figure out our summer vacation plans & finalize
keep up with the Tone It Up weekly schedule (literally obsessed!)
do some serious spring cleaning
enjoy our yard

What do y'all have planned for this month? :) 


  1. Victoria, I would be crying my eyes out as well. Your home is such a beautiful, calm space that I am sure so many love! The Lord has such wonderful things planned for you and Ben! Oh yes for Tone It Up weekly plans! Those girls keep me going!!

  2. Love that video of Joanna. She just seems so her. We went thru a similar thing with the house buying...except we are currently renting an apartment. We got all excited about finally buying and then a few things happened that were kind of off, and I felt like now wasn't the right time. Sometimes my personal desire (to you know, not live in an apartment anymore) threatens my gut feelings to wait. Glad you have peace about it now!!

  3. What?!?! An almost move! That's exciting but I'm glad you're at peace with your decision knowing to stay--it's important to be obedient if you know God's will! I feel like I haven't blogged in forever because....grad school :( So happy for your tone it up workouts! I must check them out!

  4. Tone It Up is the best--I am obsessed right along with you, girl!

  5. Excited to see you are also doing the Tone It Up Weekly Workout! Get it mermaid :)


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