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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hi! I feel like whenever we are catching up with people, they always ask what our summer travel plans are. I love that everyone close to us knows how much we treasure traveling! Having time for extended trips is a huge perk of my flexible work schedule, and Ben having summers off.

We really did toy with the idea of returning to Europe. I truly cannot express how much fun we had on that trip. It's weird to "miss" a trip almost a year later, but we do! We plan to spend an even more extended time period traveling to even more cities (and returning to the same ones as last time) during our next trip, which we would love to take in Summer 2016 (we'll see! y'all will be the first to know!) But this year we were feeling something different!

We've started to plan what we've taken to calling "the Ultimate Southern Roadtrip" :)
It's no secret that I love the South, especially iconic Southern cities. We also have never done a road trip style trip, and are getting so excited to plan this little journey of ours! Another perk is that we'll be able to visit lots of friends along the way!

Charleston, come back to my life!
This is where we need y'alls help! We haven't 100% finalized the cities we plan on stopping in. Not even close. Below is a list of the places we're interested in checking out.. if you've got any thoughts/opinions on which cities are must visits, places we should eat/stay in each city, how long to stay in each city, activity ideas....We're all ears!

Note: We'll be leaving from Dallas/Fort Worth and planning on Washington DC being our Northernmost point. It's kinda up there but 1) I love DC 2) my best friend from college lives just north of there so we figured if we're only a few hours away we should go for it!

  • New Orleans, Louisiana (I've never been, Ben has only on a mission trip) 
  • Seaside, Florida (both never been) 
  • Charleston, South Carolina (our honeymoon spot! NON NEGOTIABLE YES!)
  • Atlanta, Georgia (I lived there until I was 5 and we want to go see my old house/hug the neck of Jamie
  • Orlando, Florida (I'm trying to talk Ben into the trip out of the way for just one day at Disney!)
  • Savannah, Georgia 
  • Washington DC 
  • Nashville, Tennessee (a for sure stop, we have several close friends there! Hi Meredith! Hi Collin!) 
  • Asheville, North Carolina
  • Memphis, Tennessee (NICOLE IN REAL LIFE)
What do y'all think?! Thanks in advance for any information! We're excited to change around our list.. to add and subtract cities! :) 


  1. NOLA is on my list...this sounds fabulous and the best kind of adventure! Love this idea for a post :)

  2. Okay, this trip sounds like. a. blast!! If you come to Memphis, I better see your pretty self for a quick minute!

  3. Asheville is a must! I lived there for four years and go back all the time. There are so many places to eat, things to do and gorgeous mountain scenery to see! I can definitely give you some recommendations!

  4. Stop by Greenville, SC on your way to Asheville! We've topped a lot of "best" lists lately :)

  5. We honeymooned in Charleston and I was born in Atlanta :) looks like a great list!

  6. This is my dream trip!!

    New Orleans -- yes! I just did a long weekend here and loved it (see some of my recommendations here:

    Charleston + Savannah -- these are both places I really want to visit in the next year or so, so do it!

    Orlando -- Harry Potter World. Just saying.

    Asheville -- visit the Biltmore Estate if you go here! And I've been told there are some fabulous restaurants, too.

    Nashville -- yes and yes and yes. I mean, I live here so I'm biased, but it really is just such a great city!

  7. I love this idea! I love living in the South and traveling to different places here. There's so much history here, and I love it!! The only 2 cities on this list that I haven't been to are Memphis and Asheville. Everything else is the best! We went to Savannah and Tybee Island for our honeymoon in July. And if you go to Seaside (which you need to because the beaches on the Gulf are the most beautiful!), make sure you visit every little town on 30A--like Alys, Watercolor, and Rosemary Beach! You know I'm just in north Alabama!!!

  8. That trip sounds wonderful!! Road trips are always fun! We went to Seaside Florida 2 years ago and it was a blast! The picture perfect clean little town with lots of cute unique boutiques and restaurants with a gorgeous white sandy beach to relax at. If you decide to go make sure to stop by Bud and Alley's for a meal. 2 years later and
    I'm still about the hummus and pita bread I had there!

  9. Yes!!! My top picks from your list are Seaside/Watercolor (TOTALLY dreamy), Charleston (of course), Nashville, and Asheville (must visit!!). I'd consider adding Raleigh :)

  10. I love this. My husband and I have been talking about doing the same thing.My best friend moved to DC a few years ago and always comes here over the this year we are talking about doing a road trip to see her. I want to see Savannah and Charleston.

  11. Hey! I just found your blog while searching for blog posts via Google on the Envelope System. Needless to say, I've spent the past two hours reading through many of your posts. I was born in Jackson, MS and moved to NOLA when I was two. I've been there ever since until 11 months ago when I got married and moved to Michigan while my husband finishes college. The night of our wedding we stayed at the Dauphine Orleans hotel and absolutely loved it! We stayed in the Herman House room with a big, comfy bed and exposed brick walls. It was lovely! I highly, highly, highly recommend making a stop at the Carousel Bar in the Hotel Montelone. It is an actual moving carousel that houses a bar in the middle of it. And if you're feeling fancy, the charbroiled oysters at Dragos are wonderful! Best of luck on your planning. I'm looking forward to a future blog post.


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