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Monday, May 4, 2015

What? And in one month. I know. We're crazy. Let me explain. When we were working through planning our trip throughout the South, we quickly realized it would cost just as much as it would to stay anywhere else in the world. Making the only budget difference the actual plane ticket cost. Which is $$$! However, involvement and business with the travel industry is heavy on my side of the family.. and long story short... we were gifted the flyer miles to get ourselves to and from Rome. CUE EXCITEMENT HEART ATTACK!!!! Literal tears. We woke up Saturday morning not sure what we wanted to do for vacation, and went to bed that night with two tickets to Rome booked!

We'll be gone for 17 days (one more day than our England/France adventure last summer!) and plan on visiting as many wonderful cities as we can. A Southern road trip is still on our list, but with these flyer miles we realized that because we're young and childless, we need to seize this opportunity!

Right now my biggest priority in planning is to pick which cities we'd like to visit. Right now we're for sure going to be visiting Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany, and Portofino. We're also trying to pull off a few days in Zurich. Other places on the table are Cinque Terre, Milan, Verona, and Lake Como. EEEEEEEE! We are so giddy about getting to travel together for an extended period. We still talk about last summer almost daily.

It's super out of my comfort zone that we leave in a month- so if you need me I'll be over here planning each and every detail like crazy! This is where I need your help! If you've been to Italy and have any tips/places we need to go.. PLEASE let me know! :)

Thank y'all so much for always celebrating with us! YAY!

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  1. You will love Rome and Venice. I live in Italy and it would be wonderful to meet you. I hope you enjoy your vacation with your hubby.

  2. That is wonderful!! I studied abroad in Spain and regret not having enough $$ when it was cheaper than to go to Italy than it is now.

  3. Oh my gosh! That is so exciting! I'm a little sad that we won't get to meet this summer, but I would totally pick Italy over the South right now haha! My dad lived in Naples for 2 years back in the 70s and I love looking at his pictures of Italy! I can't wait to see pictures from your travels!

  4. Oh wow what a wonderful trip! I went to Italy so long ago and loved it! There is so so much to see there. I'm glad you're getting to go to multiple cities.Rome was my personal favorite.

  5. You should definitively make Z├╝rich happen! It's my hometown and SO worth a visit! Have fun planning :)

  6. During my month abroad, I found Verona to be the SWEETEST, most gorgeous town, plus it's super close to Lake Garda, which is just as gorgeous as Lake Como, in my opinion. I'd be happy to send you some pictures from my trip! Also, check out the blogger History in High Heels, she spends most of the year in Italy working in an archive and has SO many great tips on traveling in Italy :)

  7. Hi Victoria! Karen again, I commented on your photo when I was in Sorrento, Italy on Instagram. We just got back and here's something to consider for Florence- buy the "Florence Pass" I think it's 75 Euros but you get to cut the lines and it gets you into the Duomo, Galleria dell'Accademia, Uffizi and Pitti Palace and is good for 72 hours. The lines were already getting crazy in Florence so it will help you make the most of your time there!


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