Home from Italy!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Yippee! We are back in the US after the trip of a lifetime. Thanks for being patient with me if you've emailed. I'll get back to you very soon. :)

We had such an incredible trip. Italy is truly a dream. Italians are the friendliest, most helpful people. Every city we visited was so different and fun. Such an experience. I'm so excited to recap our travels and share the things we picked up along the way. The food was amazing. Man, I already miss the fresh tomato and basil! We ate more carbs than I have eaten in the past year- no joke! But what's crazy is that we walked so much that we both came home to lower numbers on the scale. Isn't that so wild? And let me tell you we didn't hold back. Multiple times Ben ate multiple... PIZZAS. Haha! :) Having our fitbit to record this was so fun- btw if you've sent me a friend request I'm planning on taking a few minutes next week to figure all of those out- I couldn't do it from our trip!

Last year I recapped by day, and it took about 85 years. It wasn't efficient or interesting to anyone outside of our mothers who want to know all the details. :) This year I'm going to recap by city, sharing just our absolute favorite photos. I also really want to focus on making the posts helpful to someone who might visit the city, while still being personal and sharing about our experience. I've already got two posts (Rome and Venice) completely finished and ready to roll for next week- so a big thank you to jet lag for that! :) Overall, I'm feeling really inspired when it comes to this blog and I'm so ready to challenge myself creatively and continue making this space a great outlet for me, as well as a great way to connect with others, and keep a great scrapbook of our lives for future babes to read. So excited for what's ahead, y'all!

To start, let me share the cities we visited. All but one of our visited cities are pictured above (I just realized the Capri postcard is missing in action- yikes!) Since we've been married, we've picked up a postcard in every city we've visited together. On the back we write the date and a few things we did there. I keep them in a decorative bowl and it's been a really fun way to inexpensively record our adventures. I highly recommend this and it's never too late to start!

Vatican City
Cinque Terre (we stayed in Vernazza and also spent time in Monterroso)
San Gimingano 

I can't wait to share all about our trip, and most importantly.. catch up with you guys! :) What's been going on? Is everyone super pumped for the upcoming holiday weekend? We sure are! T-shirts have been ordered, y'all! :) 


  1. HOORAY you're back!! Can NOT wait to hear all about your travels. I've been dreaming of going to Italy for years, and next year I finally finish school and think its worth the treat. You're pictures made it look amazing, and no doubt on the food. I'm excited for the holiday weekend with potential plans to visit some college friends in their new cities. :)

  2. Can't wait to hear about your trip!! When I studied abroad in Italy, I actually lost weight too - it was incredible... and we went in April for our belated honeymoon and didn't gain weight either - I think the Italians totally have life right. ;)

  3. So glad you had a wonderful time! I am looking forward to reading about it. I would love to visit Italy in the near future.

  4. How long did y'all go for? My Fiancé and I want to make a big Europe trip in about 2 years (getting married in December) but need to save up! Roughly how much do you think we should save? I know most depends on what we do and where we go etc. But just a rough estimate!

  5. Hi Victoria! My Fiance and I want to make a Europe trip in about 2 years but we need to save up. How long did y'all go for? And roughly how much do you think we should save? I know a lot depends on which cities we go to, what we do, how long we stay etc... But just a rough estimate would put me in the right direction! Thanks so much!!

  6. WOW, what an incredible trip!!! Dream come true for sure!!

  7. Can't wait to read about each city! I love the idea for recapping it!


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