June Goals

Monday, June 1, 2015

Image via Call me Callie

Ciao, June! The beginning of this month means that we're off to Italy on the 9th. So the things on my goals list for the month are simple.

May Goals
keep on toning it up
finish up spring cleaning; dining room cabinets, clean dishwasher, guest bedroom aka storage palace
celebrate a friend's birthday at a fun party
be a part of an Anthropologie summer fashion show (SO fun!)
get to be a part of the official adoption day for some close friends of ours (!!!)
Pick a bridal shower theme + invitations for Kristen's celebration 
celebrate Liz's graduation from grad school
navigate Ben's last month of work before a full fun summer

June Goals
enjoy Italy with my sweet husband
host Kristen's bridal shower 
read lots of books
rock my fitbit (love it! let's be fitbit friends!)

What do y'all have going on this month, friends? :)


  1. I love my fitbit! :) What's your username?

  2. Yay Italy!! Have lots of fun and I can't wait to hear all about it! I'm hoping to go when I finish my masters degree next fall (fingers crossed!). I'm hoping to squeeze in lots of time in the outdoors and lots of ice cream runs. :)

  3. Italy!!! One of my photographer friends (Carrie joy photography) just got her film photos back from her trip there last fall and holy moly, I want to go! Enjoy and take lots of photos!

  4. Yay! Can we be FitBit friends!?

  5. enjoy italy!! Let's be fitbit friends! maybe it'll motivate me to find my charger so I can use it again!


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