August Goals

Monday, August 3, 2015

You may have noticed that I skipped July goals. It just wasn't something I felt called to write/do. So there ya go. :)

You may notice that one of my goals is a big declutter.. I feel like I'm always thinking about ways to improve our home and I hadn't realized how much I had let things get out of control during the past few months. Yesterday two of my besties literally cleaned out my closet and dresser, rearranged furniture, and cleaned every leaf of our fiddle leaf fig. It was such a sweet way for them to love on me by pointing out exactly what I needed and getting things done. :)

August Goals
plan for a fun and sweet way to celebrate Ben's 25th birthday 
spend intentional time with Jesus daily (a forever goal, but I need it now more than ever before)
blog frequently- this space has served as such a great creative thing to focus on lately
get rid of things we don't need and reimplement some new organizational systems in our home
read three books (I actually have already read one this month, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up)
try a few new recipes, maybe from Bread & Wine

What's going on in your August? My #1 thing is truthfully, hoping it flies by quickly because August being over is one step towards September being over and my favorite month of OCTOBER being here. I'm not about the mindset of wishing away time.. but seriously. I need my sweet fall. 


  1. Great August goals! Looking forward to reading your blogs. :) We just got back from a mission trip to Peru and are in full de-clutter, simplification, and organization mode here, too. I loved reading Bread & Wine and have tried out a few of the recipes. So far we've enjoyed the goat cheese and scrambled eggs, breakfast cookies, bacon-wrapped dates, and Sullivan Street bread. Next up is Robin's super-healthy lentil soup. Excited to hear if you try out any of the recipes!

  2. I am dyinnnnngggg for fall this year!


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