Friday No. Fourteen

Friday, August 21, 2015

Pstttt. My blog is under construction. Bear with me for a few days while I make everything work a little bit better. :) 

Call me crazy.. but I'm thrilled to have already crossed three people off of my Christmas shopping list. I love taking advantage of sales and discount codes to get something memorable for people.
Hint: the image above.. can't wait to share about my PHENOMENAL customer service experience with The Mrs. Box. Really any excuse to place one of the gorgeous Jose Villa images in my blog post.. even this iPhone one. Haha!

Because of this post, I'll be purchasing a new eyeliner!

Okay J.Crew fall, I see you.

Counting down till the next Nancy Meyers movie, the Intern! Traditional Home showed us a glimpse into the set.

I haven't really jumped on the "all natural" bandwagon.. it's legitimate, but it's still a bandwagon right now. Until recently, when I read this post. I've read SO many posts about the Honest company, and have even read Jessica Alba's The Honest Life book, but for some reason reading about someone not being able to touch their child because of the chemical products on their hands.. that freaked me out. Especially now that Honest products are available at Target, we're going to be easing our way into using more natural products in our home. So far we've used the all purpose spray and the dish soap.. both of which I'm obsessed with the scents. White grapefruit!!

In case I wasn't already excited enough for the September issue of Southern living. Sigh. 

Also loved this slideshow of The South's Most Beautiful Sorority Houses.

I was happy to see that several products I use are on this Best Drugstore Skincare list.

Last Friday night I had a girls night with two besties- we shopped, ate Mexican food, and went to Emporium Pies. If you're not familiar with it, it's a fun pie shop. I tried the Apple pie. It was really yummy (especially the cinnamon streusel) but as a rule of thumb I don't think pie is my favorite dessert.

Last weekend Bath and Body Works candles FINALLY went on sale! Praise hands emoji!

Fall candles are my absolute favorite things. The Sparkling Pear Riesling is for the kitchen, and the Sundrenched Vineyard is a great it's still hot but I kinda want a fall candle scent. It's got August written all over it. Pumpkin Pie and Autumn are in the cabinet waiting for when the fall decor comes out sometime in September. I always wait until the candles are on sale (usually around half off) and try to use a 20%-25% off entire purchase coupon.

My obsession with reading blogs about people who move to different states continues.

Happy Weekend, y'all!! 


  1. Have you looked at Reese Witherspoon's clothing line? All of her clothes are gorgeous except they are so expensive! She definitely did not aim for the average American. Your apple pie looks amazing--I love pie! Happy Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Love your blog and these fun Friday posts :) That pie looks delish! Oh my gosh, the things in cleaning products and cosmetics, so scary! We love Honest Company shampoo and wash at our house for us and for our baby. I've been switching our products over to more natural ones over the course of the last year, then when I saw this video: I put things into super drive swapping things out for natural options. We also love Young Living essential oils and their products for supporting wellness and we are pushing towards a chemical free home.

    - Kate

  3. I love reading people's blogs about moving! My husband and I just moved from Tennessee to Hawaii (wowza big change) so it helps a bit to see how others do it - and its just fun to read :)
    Actually have some wild Friday night plans to post about our move so far on our blog tonight!

  4. Emporium pies always look SO SO SO tasty. I've yet to get over there but it is always on my list!!

  5. I'm totally on the shop early for Christmas gifts plan!


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