Friday No. Twelve

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

I posted about this on Instagram, but I highly recommend the Lara Casey Shop Write the Word journal. It's great for everyone... but especially if you're someone who's new to Christianity or unsure about it, this would be great! I've gotten a good amount of emails during my time blogging asking what's a good resource for someone new to faith wanting to try out a bible study.. this would be great!   In this photo I'm wearing a sweet birthday gift- the Pretty Plum Sugar robe I mentioned a few Wednesdays back. Yep, my birthday is in February. It's a long story.

We had some J. Crew store credit and I snagged this sweater tee. Literally couldn't possibly be more obsessed. I will be wearing this daily. I forgot how much I love navy and white stripes. Seriously though, I've worn it twice since I got it a week ago. For someone who's in workout clothes 80% of the time this is big!

Still obsessing over the Gray Malin La Dolce Vita collection.

Everyone please enjoy this with me.

Usually I skip articles like this because they're filled with dating advice I don't agree with.. but when I read the first thing on this list I was like YESSSSS and knew it would be a goodie. About half of these things I relate to personally.

I've been doing a lot of rearranging and Ben has been such a trooper. My sweet man is always up for a hanging project, even though it's his least favorite thing in the world!

One of the new things in our case is this amazing Ikea mirror. I've thought about getting it since it came out over a year ago and I'm so glad I finally did. Literally obsessed and it's so big!!

This is a temporary vignette as the mirror is too small, but I moved one of my favorite pieces into our living room where it gets more time to shine and we've been loving it. I especially love the white more modern frame to balance out the antique piece. Who knows what will be styled there when I find some art. I've been browsing through minted but I'm not ready to splurge on anything. I think it might be a Christmas deal.

I shared about my recent trip to New York here, but I can't stop thinking about what a refreshing time it was. I needed a getaway and it was a great escape. I have truly grown to love New York City, although I'm such a country girl at heart. I even realized today that the suburb I grew up in feels like it's gotten way too busy and doesn't slightly feel like home anymore. Yay small town life!

Our favorite thing about travel is trying fun places to eat.. but as a side effect we're at a place where we'd gladly eat every meal at home until forever after tons of eating out this summer. (although I'd do anything for a real Italian meal any day!) We've realized our favorite dishes are fun salads (watermelon, feta, 50/50 mix, and panera balsamic pictured above) and grilled chicken. Healthy, boring, and exactly the way we like it when it's just the two of us.

What's on your mind this week? :) I've had thoughts about moving this feature back to friday... I'm indecisive I know!!!


  1. I don't feel particularly partial to one day or the other, but Wednesdays are a nice little mid-week catch up post :) I second having a husband who always goes along with hanging things in the house, although not his favorite activity!

  2. That mirror is awesome and I think Lara Casey's journal might go on a wishlist!


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