What I read in August

Thursday, August 27, 2015

You may be thinking.. are you crazy? 8 books? Yeah.. I know. It's a lot. I read incredibly fast though. Ben is constantly accusing me of only skimming the books and so he'll try and quiz me but it never works in his favor because I do retain the information! An example of my fast reading speeds is that three of these books were read in a little over 24 hours on a lazy Sunday. And we even hung out with friends for a few hours that day. So there, no judgement please. I promise that I have a social life. :)

Also, I'm now SO excited to share more about my reading.. my last post stirred up a lot of connection with readers via email and I LOVED that. Yay! Let's share about reading together, friends!

Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer 

This was a super fun, chick flick read about a girl from Charleston moving to New York City. I read a review of it before reading where it was described as a book about the main female character's personal journey with no mention of romance (not the case, there is a romantic plotline in the book) so I had a different experience reading this because I was expecting none of the male relationships to go anywhere. Especially for me, someone who loves living in the South but is occasionally lured by the magic of the city for visits, this was a great choice.

The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Elite by Kiera Cass 

The One by Kiera Cass 

You're probably already sick of hearing me share about how much I loved this series. If you like the bachelor, dystopian books, or the royal family.. pick it up! I promise you'll fall in love like I did.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo 

This was a different read for me- but I'm glad that I read it. I gained a ton of practical insight about decluttering and really tried to think seriously through the process. After really enjoying the first 150 pages, I just skimmed the last 50 pages because it got a little too kooky for my liking. Just being honest. :) I'm not going to be "thanking my personal belongings for what they have done for me" before putting them away each evening. That being said, I really did enjoy this book.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

I had held off on reading this even though it's been on our kindle app since before our Italy trip, because Ben wasn't incredibly crazy about it. I LOVED it though. I could see how it connected with my Gone Girl reading heart. The female characters in the book were incredibly ridiculous so my only complaint is that I didn't connect with a character like I enjoy doing. Like, I didn't necessarily root for anyone, I just wanted to see the plot unfold. And I really did enjoy seeing the storyline.. I guess it's a different type of book so I should have different goals for reading. There's a reason that everyone's reading and talking about this book- pick it up if you haven't already.

Everything We Ever Wanted by Sara Shepard

It's been a long time since I've read a book that took me a bit to get into. I realized when I was 65% done with this book (thanks for that number kindle app) and still having a hard time getting into it.. that it wasn't going to turn around. I never was invested because I didn't really care for any of the characters too much.. and my biggest issue with this book was that there was literally no plot. It was just about a family and a few events happened but there was no plot line whatsoever. Not the worst ever, but clearly not the best.

Everybody Rise by Stephanie Clifford 

This book was a unique reading experience.. the first half I was pulled in but not loving it. After the second half started though I enjoyed it. I rated it three out of five stars on good reads. I just finished this last night so I guess I'm still processing my thoughts.. but it was worth a read for me.

What are you reading right now? What should I add to my list? I've LOVED connecting with y'all so much about reading since I most recently shared what I had read!! 


  1. I am so glad you tried Girl On A Train! And even better that you liked it. :) We chatted about this last time, so my Where'd You Go Bernadette recommendation still holds.
    I just read the Marie Kondo book as well and overall really liked it. I LOVED her approach to discarding, or should I say, keeping. I have already tackled by clothes and books. Papers are this weekend and I think this is going to be the hardest yet. :/ I wasn't into the section on putting it away since it was obviously geared towards a Japanese home. But I did really enjoy this book as it made me want to get working on discarding immediately!
    I am currently reading "Bread and Wine" by Shauna Niequist and "The Good Girl" by Mary Kubica. I just finished "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" and really enjoyed it!

  2. Wasn't Girl on a Train so good? I literally read it in one sitting. SO so good. I've been wanting to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but I think I'll pass now. That series looks fantastic, too...I'll have to add those to my list. I always love checking out someone's book list...such GREAT ideas :)

  3. I just put Southern Charm on my Amazon wish list! Can't wait to check it out :) Thanks for the recommendations!

  4. You HAVE to read The Royal We! I think you would LOVE it! Southern Charm and the Selection series is on my list for when my show closes in October. Can't wait to dive in :)

  5. Hi there! Dropping by from blogtember :) I am totally adding the Selection series to my reading list! I'm an avid reader and always looking for fun series to read and hadn't heard of this one yet. Thanks for posting :)

  6. I loved The Girl on the Train too! I listened to it on audiobook, so I'm glad that it made me slow down and actually catch all the details. I can see how people compare it to Gone Girl, but I also think they're very different. Loved both of them, though! I average five books a month, but sometimes when I do 8 or 9 I feel like such a champ!


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