The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 10 | My Bucket List

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prompt: 10 items off your bucket list. If you haven't made one, now's a good time to start.

Photo by Stacy Reeves, a previous bucket list item
This prompt made me realize that I have never actually made a general, no time frame bucket list. It's been fun to make a note in my phone and add fun, daydreamy goals that I would love to accomplish. A ton of mine are travel related, so it was hard not to make every single one a travel thing, haha! Another thing that I realized is that many wonderful things I couldn't have dreamt up have happened in the past few years. We got to model for our favorite wedding magazine, I tried skiing, I was posted by Anthropologie on their Pinterest account, we traveled to Italy... so many wonderful things, and it inspired me to dream a little for this selection of bucket list items!
  • Build our dream house 
  • Go on an African Safari 
  • Host a black tie event 
  • family photos at Versailles
  • attend the Kentucky Derby
  • Travel across the state of Alaska
  • host Thanksgiving every year 
  • host a party and have it featured on Style Me Pretty Living 
  • Host a Christmas Party of some kind
  • go apple picking (there's no where in our area to do this which is why it's a bucket list item!)
Note: When Ben and I were brainstorming for this, he said that one of his bucket list items is to ride an Arabian horse at full speed down a beach shirtless with long hair flowing in the wind. Haha!! 

What's on your bucket list? Do you have any items that you think I would enjoy and should add to mine?

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  1. I like your list! We have some in common or similar. I have an Alaskan cruise on my list as well as go to the Kentucky Derby. Apple picking would be fun!

  2. Love all of these! I want to take pictures at an apple orchard this year--we have a few in this area, and I want to visit Alaska, too!

  3. Your husband's addition made me laugh out loud! That sounds like something mine would have said. ;)

  4. Um, I think Ben's bucket list needs to be a whole separate post, haha!! Attending the Kentucky Derby is on my list too (double date? :)), as is hosting Thanksgiving--but someday when we don't live in a tiny apartment! Until then, we sure do like admiring the 12 place settings of china in our cabinet :)

  5. omg that photo by the eiffel tower. I am dying. Who needs a bucket list when you have that. Life complete!

  6. Love this list! A dream house, African safari, Kentucky Derby, and Alaska trip are all on mine! I am stealing the black tie event idea, as well. And if you would ever like to go apple picking, come visit us in New England!! (Well, make sure I am there first.) John grew up next door to an orchard and a favorite memory from our pre-wedding week is picking apples for our welcome bags!

  7. build our dream home is on my list too! also, i totally forgot to add an african safari. that would be the best! my best friend and her husband grew up around Kenya as missionaries and her husband used to chase zebras with his motorcycle when he was young. Oh, ya know, no biggie. haha!!

  8. I know it's probably the most simple on your list, but you absolutely should go apple picking. It's so much fun and the perfect fall activity!

  9. Awesome list, Victoria! Family photos at Versailles sounds dreamy!! I visited twice and my jaw dropped each time! I've been itching to discover Alaska too! An African Safari adventure sounds awesome but I'd be freaked, I think (I'm kind of a wimp with animals). And I'd say you're well on building your dream house!! Your photos are always so inspiring for a fixer upper!

  10. What a beautiful list!!! So elegant <3


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