The Blog-tember Challenge: Day 12 | Currently

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Prompt: What are you up to currently?

Reading... Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Watching... nothing! I need a new Netflix/Hulu/Amazon show to watch. I wish that Castle was on one of those, I've been intrigued by the commercials.

Trying... to piece together our living room. Last Saturday our AC went out and when the technician came he said the issue was because I had furniture blocking the big vent. Meh. So everything got moved around and is now officially a hot mess. Oh well, I love a decor challenge. I just don't like the messy in between!

Cooking... pumpkin EVERYTHING.

Eating... no sugar for the next two days. The hardest thing ever, I have such a sweet tooth!

Drinking... water, as always. Although my season of enjoying a carmel apple spice and a peppermint hot chocolate are approaching... YAY!

Pinning... so much recently. I go through such seasons with pinterest, radio silence for awhile, then overload! Find some of my favorites here, here, and here.

Tweeting... this happened last weekend, but the Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe retweeted a photo of me and some friends and responded to us! We have been doing a bracket for each season and celebrating the winner with a cookie cake. This season, I ended up as the winner.. and we were celebrating kind of late but we got Kaitlyn's attention which is awesome!

Going...  to hang out with Nicole and Jamie next weekend in Mississippi, and then celebrate Kristen's wedding in Oklahoma City the weekend after that!!

Loving... these new arrivals from Lilly. Here, here, and here

Learning... so much during the New Testament Theology class we're taking at church. It's pretty intense (we even have a syllabus!) but I've loved developing a deeper understanding of scripture.

Thinking... about travel for next summer. There's a few places in Paris that we missed on our last trip, so I'd love to stop over there for a day or two when we visit family, among other places.

Feeling... anxious about some things upcoming in my life, just being honest.

Hoping (for)... a refreshing and encouraging fall season filled with joy.

Listening (to)... the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show every time I'm in the car, as always.

Celebrating... I'm a little ashamed of my two Bachelor references in one post but I'm still celebrating the engagement of Tanner and Jade! I cried during their proposal. Yep.

Smelling... Farmstand Apple by Bath and Body Works! I love you, candles!

Thanking... God for how He sustains us.

Considering... this interesting article on The Nightly Routines of 15 Successful Women.

Starting... to really want new living room curtains. Too bad really nice thick ones like I want are  $$$$!

Finishing... my organization projects around the house! Yippee!

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  1. Castle is on Amazon Instant Video...not that I'm hopelessly addicted to that show or anything! :)

  2. Your comment about your living room and the AC... Oh my gosh! We have had some lively conversations about how we are going to arrange our living room in Argyle because we have a huge nasty vent right in the center of one of the main walls! So nothing can go against it. Not our antique piano. Not our couch. Not our tv stand. Basically we've decided to get a new (smaller) tv and stand that is open on the bottom so the vent isn't blocked but we can still have something there to draw the eye away from the hideous thing. To make our sectional work for the time being, and save up for new (smaller) furniture. AKA: I lost every battle for no tv and to somehow make our sectional work. haha! ;)

    Also hoping and praying for a refreshing and encouraging fall for you, too, sweet friend!! Have fun in Mississippi with Nicole and Jamie!!


  3. I love me before you! I read it a month or so ago and it's definitely one of my favourites now, do you think you'll read the sequel when it comes out later this month?

  4. I read that book over Thanksgiving last year and it is SO VERY GOOD. My mom and my husband got so tired of me interrupting our holiday to tell them about what I was reading. I just really wanted to talk to somebody about it!

  5. Me Before You- all the feels on that one!

  6. Oh man I love candles! I just wish the ones I liked weren't so darned expensive 😢 anyway love your post!

  7. Okay... Me Before You made me SOB. Like ugly tears. Like I had to pause to catch my breath before I could continue. I need to hear your thoughts when you're done!


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